New Memoir “Huma Rising” Chronicles the Life of One of the Cannabis Industry’s Greatest Success Stories

P. Vincent Mehdizadeh Releases a Provocative Glimpse Into the Legal Cannabis Industry With All Proceeds Going to Charity

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- P. Vincent Mehdizadeh, legal cannabis industry entrepreneur, today announced the release of his much anticipated autobiography, “Huma Rising - My Journey from Bankruptcy to Billionaire Back to Aspiring Upstart in the Cannabis Industry,” is now available for purchase on Amazon. All proceeds from the book will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Operation Smile, ASPCA, and Sierra Club Foundation.

Huma Rising is the inspirational true story of one man's journey from bankruptcy to billionaire back to aspiring entrepreneur within the same industry that gave birth to his amazing financial prominence, the legal cannabis industry. The book spans three decades and gives an intimate portrayal of personal loss, sacrifice, success, betrayal, and rebirth.

In keeping with the theme of rebirth, Mehdizadeh titled his book "Huma Rising" after the legendary phoenix-like bird of Persian mythology. Every few hundred years, the huma bird consumes itself in fire only to rise anew from the ashes.

“I believe my story has the ability to inspire various demographics,” stated Mehdizadeh. “I want to give people a completely uncensored look at my role in bringing the cannabis industry into mainstream acceptance, and also support several important charitable initiatives in the process.”

“Huma Rising” is currently available in paperback format and a digital version will be released by March 5, 2016.

To purchase a copy of “Huma Rising” today and directly benefit the aforementioned charities, please visit:

About P. Vincent Mehdizadeh

Dubbed the legal marijuana industry's first "billionaire," P. Vincent Mehdizadeh is considered an expert in the industry and is the inventor of two patents concerning the automated delivery of cannabis through a dispensing machine using biometric identification (Patent #US7844363) and a seed to sale POS system that tracks inventory and transactions occurring at cannabis dispensaries and cultivation facilities (Patent #US8818820). He is also the inventor of the patent-pending “Top-Shelf” System exclusively being developed for MJ Business Consultants & Pineapple Express, Inc. He has been interviewed and featured in news outlets including, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, FOX News, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, BBC, and many others. Mehdizadeh was responsible for funding and the creation of the Marijuana Policy Project “Consume Responsibly” campaign, as well as the Americans For Safe Access “Medicate Responsibly” campaign aimed at educating medical and recreational cannabis users in the states that allow consumption of cannabis about its health effects and dosage information. Mehdizadeh has donated over $2 million dollars to Americans for Safe Access (ASA), Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Mehdizadeh has recently established a non-profit charitable foundation called Self-Made Foundation, Inc. He will continue his charitable contributions through that entity with his first project being an autobiography with all sales proceeds going to the following charities: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Operation Smile, ASPCA, and Sierra Club Foundation.


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