2016 CA Report: The Most Reliable Cigar Lighters

Consumer Report Points Cigar Smokers to 5 Models From Various Manufacturers

EASTON, PA--(Marketwired - March 02, 2016) - In the most recent consumer report on the most reliable cigar lighters, CigarAdvisor.com asks: What happens when your favorite cigar lighter doesn't fire; or it doesn't light consistently; or readjusting the flame height only makes things worse? The answer is revealed in the form of five models from five leading cigar lighter manufacturers: Blazer, Xikar, Vector, Lotus and Zippo, each with their own distinguishing attributes.

"Did you know that most cigar smokers don't own a single cigar lighter?" writes Cigar Advisor editor, Gary Korb. "They own a drawer full of them. That's because a lot of lighters either break within the first year of use or sooner, or just don't work all that reliably."

Korb also points out that cigar smokers don't have to spend a fortune to get a reliable cigar lighter. All five models mentioned range from around $16 MSRP for the Zippo to around $60 MSRP for the Lotus Fury and the Blazer Micro Torch. Although price is always a factor, features are also important in the decision-making process, and may include everything from the lighter's appearance, to the number of flames, to extras like a fuel gauge window, or a built-in cigar punch.

"Cigar lighters go through about as many or more ignitions as your car. Therefore, the least a consumer can do is find a lighter that's trustworthy, while the most a manufacturer can do is offer a great warrantee," says Korb, which is something consumers should also take into consideration, because "ultimately, something's going to go kablooey."

The cigar lighters in the Cigar Advisor report also differ by features and the number of flames they have, thereby, allowing readers to see a variety of options available to them.

"Our decision to buy is more often based on our personal preferences than reliability. We just assume the lighter will work well, either because of its brand name or how much we paid for it, adds Korb. "Then, there are those rare exceptions. Several cigar smokers told me that the best lighter they ever bought was a $1.99 convenience store cheapie. Go figure."

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