SmarTech Publishes 3D-Printed Metals Patent Landscape Analysis

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwired - March 03, 2016) - SmarTech Markets Publishing, the leading supplier of industry analysis for the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector, has just published "3D-Printed Metals: A Patent Landscape Analysis - 2016." 

This new report provides a full-scale assessment of the patent landscape for 3D-printed metals and answers important questions such as:

  • What patents have been granted and what patent applications have been filed?
  • What are the top cited patents?
  • How many patents are being filed each year?
  • Who are the most significant inventors, researchers and companies active in the field
  • Which companies are making the earliest patent grants?
  • What patent families are already claimed and where are the gaps in the IP landscape where new IP rights may be available?
  • What is the geographic distribution and technological class distribution of these patents?

Metals-based 3D printing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the 3D printing business and this new report builds on SmarTech's broad knowledge and understanding of metals printing as well as extensive research into the related patent environment for 3D-printed metals. 

Purchasers of this report receive two documents: a patent database and an analytical report -- (1) a 3d-printed patent database and (2) a granular analysis, commentary and guidance on the 3D printed patent environment.

This report will be required reading for IP professionals at firms supplying metals to the 3DP industry as well as those at 3D printing equipment and service companies. It is also aimed at patent attorneys, engineers, investment banks and others who need a comprehensive overview of 3D-printed metals activities.

Excel Database of Metals 3DP Patents Included

A patent database is provided in an Excel spreadsheet so that the purchasers of this report can perform his or her own analytics with the data.

The Excel database provides a summary of all relevant patents with details of each patent including: patent/publication number, assignee, title, abstract, publication date, status of patent, PTO, priority country, priority years, and inventor. Also included is technical categorization of filed patent applications and granted patents and an identification of patent /patent application families.

This report is based on an extensive search of relevant patents and patent applications published after December 1, 1995 from the US and WO patent databases to identify a broad, yet relevant patent landscape related to metal powder materials used for 3D printing. 

Strategic Analysis: Commentary and Guidance

"3D-Printed Metals: A Patent Landscape Analysis - 2016also provides a strategic report containing SmarTech's insider perspective on the patent scene for 3D-printed metals and where it is headed. This part of the study also offers SmarTech's views on the possible directions that leading firms will take given their intellectual property position.

SmarTech believes that understanding the patent landscape will build competitive advantage for purchasers of this report, and may enable firms to, for example, secure IP in the 3D printed metals space that are less populated, and also avoid patent disputes in the future.

About SmarTech:

SmarTech Markets Publishing is the leading provider of industry analysis for the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector.

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3D-Printed Metals:  A Patent Landscape Analysis - 2016