FinalCode Reveals Integrated Solution for FinalCode v5 With Box, an Enterprise Cloud Service on a Global Scale

FinalCode for Box Automatically Applies Encryption, Usage Control and Deletion of Files Outside the Secure Box Container - Directly Invoked From the Box Interface

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FinalCode, Inc., the innovator in persistent file security that protects sensitive files wherever they go, today announced a new integration for the company’s file encryption and tracking solution, FinalCode, as an option to the file control and management features of Box, a cloud file sharing and collaboration platform. 

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FinalCode for Box
New FinalCode for Box allows users to seamlessly manage or change permissions to view or edit files outside the secure Box container by invoking FinalCode controls within the Box interface. By simply updating Box collaborator type permissions, which are dynamically linked to FinalCode’s file access and usage control, organizations gain a high level of usability without affecting their collaboration workflow. Furthermore, with FinalCode’s file tracking and remote deletion features, users can prevent data leakage from files outside the secure Box container that may be obtained through cyber-attack or unauthorized access. As a result, file security is fortified and remains persistent as an option for organizations using Box Business edition or Enterprise edition.

“In today’s collaborative work environments, content access and fluidity is critical. As enterprise employees look to collaborate internally and externally, both IT and business users want better options for using and securing data,” said Christian Christiansen, program vice president, IDC Security Products. “We believe that many organizations suffer information leaks each year. Cloud storage and collaboration solutions increase the risk of intentional and accidental disclosure of sensitive information. There are organizational benefits to approaches that augment file security controls and support corporate governance requirements while supporting workflows, collaborative services, and sanctioned cloud storage services.”

“Box file control and security management features are comprehensive. Like many file collaboration methods, once a sensitive file is obtained by an authorized recipient and is outside a secure repository or container, protection and accountability are diminished, as are data privacy breach safe harbors,” said Gord Boyce, CEO of FinalCode, Inc. “FinalCode offers a simple, flexible and cost-effective way for users to leverage their Box investment, while enabling file security controls to persist outside the secure Box container.”

FinalCode for Box is delivered as a SaaS application that integrates with a company’s Box Business or Enterprise Edition. The FinalCode for Box application, an option to the file control and management features of Box, starts at annual subscription price of $12 per user per month. The FinalCode add-on for Box allows current FinalCode users to extend interoperability with Box starting at $4 per user per month. The FinalCode client, used by Box recipients, is available at no charge for external collaborators and supports Windows, Apple and Android devices. Prospective Box Business or Enterprise Edition customers are invited to take FinalCode for Box for a test drive by registering at http://www.finalcode/en/box/.

About FinalCode, Inc.
FinalCode delivers a file security platform that allows any business to persistently protect sensitive files wherever they go inside and outside of their organization. Available as a SaaS or virtual appliance, FinalCode makes securing file collaboration easy and cost-effective and in a way that works with popular applications, platforms and devices while preserving user experience and workflow. The solution applies strong encryption and granular usage control on demand or by corporate policy with the ability to remotely delete files. The company’s patented CryptoEase™ technology streamlines onboarding, encryption and administration, making deployment rapid and scalable. Headquartered in San Jose, California, FinalCode offers its solutions through its global network of authorized partners. Learn more at

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