Radnor Veterinary Hospital Now Offering Digital Dental X-Ray

WAYNE, Pa., March 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Radnor Veterinary Hospital announced that the practice is now using digital radiography to take a pet’s dental x-rays. Digital dental x-rays allow veterinarians to view bone and tooth root changes that would otherwise not be visible with an oral exam. These x-rays will also assist in the diagnosis of tooth root abbesses, pulpits (tooth nerve inflammation), endodontic disease, and resorptive lesions. Digital x-rays are easier for veterinarians to administer than traditional x-rays and also safer for pets, say Wayne veterinarians Dr. Len Donato, Dr. Becky Ehrlich, Dr. Carla Germano, and Dr. Stephen Meister.

Digital dental x-rays are making it easier for veterinarians to detect oral health problems, including common dental problems that would not otherwise visible through an oral exam alone. Wayne PA veterinarian Dr. Len Donato announced his veterinary hospital now offers these digital x-rays as part of a pet’s regular dental examination.

“Periodontal disease is one of the most common health problems affecting pets aged three years and older,” said Dr. Donato. “While our veterinarians regularly screen for symptoms of periodontal disease during appointments, we recommend an in-depth dental exam and cleaning every year. We will now be offering digital x-rays in conjunction with this cleaning to assess a pet’s oral health.”

Veterinarian Dr. Steve Meister says pet owners often overlook dental care basics because they do not realize how important dental care is for dogs and cats.

“Dental exams and cleanings are an important part of wellness pet care,” said Dr. Meister. “Pets, like humans, will benefit from regular dental cleanings.”

Dental problems affecting pets are similar to problems affecting humans. In both humans and pets, tartar is a mixture of saliva and bacteria that will form along the gum line after meals. If tartar is not brushed off, it will harden into plaque. As plaque deposits build up over time, the plaque can push away the gum line and create pockets that are susceptible to infection, a condition known as periodontal disease.

“Not only does periodontal disease cause mouth pain and tooth loss, but this disease can also increase a pet’s risk for developing other health problems,” said Dr. Carla Germano. “Bacteria can enter the bloodstream via a pocket in the gums, travel to internal organs, and cause damage.”

Pet owners who notice symptoms of gum disease should contact their veterinarian for a dental screening.

"Digital dental x-rays will make it easier to promptly detect and treat the oral health problem," said Dr. Meister. "Prompt diagnosis is essential to preventing additional complications."

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