Newtopia Expands Connected Health Platform to Empower At-Risk Employees With Smart Technology

Newtopia Incorporates Cellular Scales, Wearable Activity Trackers, Mobile Access, Gamification and Social Health Communities to Further Support and Help Participants Take Charge of Their Health

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 14, 2016) - Newtopia, a leading personalized health company that uses genetic testing and behavioral science to build highly personalized disease prevention plans for enterprise, is expanding its connected health platform to engage employees through smart technology. New additions to the health platform include a smart scale, complete connectivity to wearable activity trackers, and mobile app, along with new gamification and social health community features for improved engagement.

Newtopia uses key factors, such as genetics, personality, motivation and readiness to change to identify the way each employee responds to eating, exercise and stress. The program's cellular scale and activity tracker are then delivered directly to the employee's home. Trackers can be synced with the employee's online profile to closely monitor steps, calories burned, distance travelled and more. Employees also have the ability to login from any mobile device, through the Newtopia app, to access their personalized health plan, monitor achievements and meet with like-minded individuals who are experiencing similar challenges on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

As a part of Newtopia's holistic approach, the program also incorporates new personalized gaming strategies, developed by world-class gamification experts, to motivate each employee based on his or her specific personality and motivation type. For example, the extreme competitor may need challenges to win to stay engaged, while the socializer prefers to join social circles of interest or collect points and badges.

"Wearables are only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to changing behavior and lifestyle. Employers cannot simply provide an activity tracker for a 10,000 step challenge and leave it at that. Employees need these tools in combination with a personalized engagement plan to be successful," said Jeff Ruby, Founder & CEO of Newtopia. "The connected health tools we provide have been specially chosen for our program to deliver the right tracking and engagement needed once we have provided the employee with a hyper-personalized plan based on genetic testing, personality-matched coaching and more."

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Newtopia is leading the way to precision health through its Personalized Health Engagement Platform. Newtopia's disease prevention programs are proven to save healthcare costs for employers by inspiring at-risk employees to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Newtopia's holistic approach delivers highly personalized programs that provide a deep understanding of each participant through a combination of nutrition, exercise and well-being. Newtopia's scientific approach leverages genetic testing, proprietary personalization tools, personality-matched coaching and peer-to-peer social networking to drive participant engagement and promote sustainable behavior changes. Founded in 2008, with offices in New York and Toronto, Newtopia is benefitting thousands of individuals through its health engagement platform while delivering meaningful results. For more information, visit

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