ShipTrack Certifies the New Zebra TC8000

Plantagenet, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, ON, March 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ShipTrack, an innovative shipment tracking platform designed to provide complete visibility and control of any shipment's movement worldwide, today announced that ShipTrack has certified the re-architected Zebra TC8000 rugged mobile computer for use on the ShipTrack platform.

ShipTrack fulfills the demand for fast, accurate delivery services for logistics/courier firms, manufacturer/distributor hubs, ecommerce vendors and warehouse environments. Businesses require the right tools for the job at hand regardless of where they fit in a supply chain. ShipTrack provides organizations with a variety of compatible technologies ranging from smartphones to purpose built products like the TC8000.

Zebra Technologies, provider of solutions and services that provide real-time visibility into organizations' assets, people and transactions, recently introduced the TC8000. The new mobile computer has undergone a major ergonomic redesign that now lets users read its display with fewer wrist motions than required by traditional mobile computers.

The TC8000 encompasses the most advanced scanning engine and the industry's first hands-free proximity scanner in a handheld device. This represents significant advancement in warehouse technology enabling warehouse workers using the ShipTrack platform to optimize workflow processes with unparalleled speed and precision.

Warehouses that are ShipTrack enabled and utilize the TC8000 offer an innovative solution, one with a very short learning curve, for today's tech-savvy workforce. This factor diminishes training time and also makes barcode scanning significantly faster, as a result, increasing productivity by an average of 14 percent. The ShipTrack App provides an intuitive, user-friendly work load management and tracking capability that enables warehouse workers to conduct high volume scanning while providing shipment data with very little effort.

"We offer a flexible logistics solution encompassing all the latest technology breakthroughs." said Shawn Winter, CMO and VP of Product Development at ShipTrack. "By certifying the Zebra handheld with the ShipTrack platform, we are leveraging a new generation of powerful workforce solutions, offering productivity gains to transform warehouse operations."

In a recent Zebra issued publication, the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Visibility and Mobility, Bill Burns, said in a statement, "Warehouses are evolving from simplified operations to tightly integrated profit centers as companies increasingly rely on analytics to drive business decisions. The TC8000 will help warehouse workers be more efficient and deliver more accurate information, ultimately helping businesses operate more profitably."

The ShipTrack App is available for download in the Google Play Store for use on the Android based Zebra TC8000.

About ShipTrack

ShipTrack is an innovative logistics management platform that provides complete control and visibility of any shipment's movement worldwide. ShipTrack enables vendors all over the world to provide complete visibility and control that their customers demand of their deliveries. ShipTrack is a simple, easy-to-use service that provides highly accurate shipment tracking to the masses. The shipping system has the potential to benefit companies of all sizes by increasing delivery speed and reliability, improving customer service and retention while also streamlining operations. The ShipTrack smartphone app is a real-time shipment tracker that allows for easy management of multiple drivers, deployment of a fully branded web portal, and the collection of valuable reports and business metrics. ShipTrack is for everyone.


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