Book by MITRE Researchers: Classic Tactic for Cyber Defense

Bedford, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

MCLEAN, Va., March 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MITRE cybersecurity researchers recently published the first textbook on the use and value of deception tactics in the cyber world.

Cyber Denial, Deception, and Counter Deception: A Framework for Supporting Active Cyber Defense, by Kristin Heckman, Frank Stech, Roshan Thomas, Ben Schmoker and Alexander Tsow (Springer International Publishing, LLC), examines how using denial and deception (D &D) techniques can prevent cyber attackers from accessing information and data.

D &D has long been used in the intelligence world. System defenders misdirect or provide intentionally false information to adversaries, letting them in to the system. Once inside, attackers unknowingly reveal useful intelligence—in some cases, disclosing their intent.

"We wanted to develop an interdisciplinary framework that built on the open literature in cybersecurity, classical D &D theory, psychology, decision theory, and systems engineering. Deception is common on the technical side of computer security—for example, create a "honeypot," which is a system that lures in and catches would-be hackers. But it's not commonly used at an operational or strategic level, such as creating a fake program to achieve a specific deception goal," the authors said in a recent interview.

The authors' findings are based on long-term, internally funded research and open literature review. It contains detailed case studies, including the well-known APT1 intrusion group and the Stuxnet intrusion.

The authors describe the book as a reference for cyber professionals, researchers, government employees, and advanced-level computer science students. They stress that it's not just for people working in cybersecurity operations centers—"it's broader than that." They also emphasize the need for ongoing research. "Our hope is that others in the research community will apply the D &D framework to new case studies."

MITRE President and CEO Alfred Grasso sees the book as a key resource for developing the next generation of information security professionals. "The practical guidance in Cyber Denial and Deception shows students of cybersecurity how to apply tried and true techniques to an ongoing, rapidly evolving threat," said Grasso.

Mark Maybury, Ph.D., MITRE senior vice president, chief security officer and director of the National Cybersecurity Federally Funded Research and Development Center, said, "This book is an excellent example of MITRE's commitment to identifying and sharing best practices for broad public benefit. A collaborative effort of experts led by MITRE, it adds to the cyber defense repertoire, which promises to enhance the protection of national and economic interests."

The 251-page book is available through Springer International Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers in both print and electronic formats.
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