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SCOTTSDALE, AZ --(Marketwired - March 31, 2016) - TrueShip's (http://www.trueship.com) most recent guide has just been released and is packed with candid advice for e-retailers on the standards and practices of adopting an online retail returns policy that preserves the customer shopping experience and serves to help improve loyalty and retention while securing future profits and safeguarding the bottom line.

Online retail returns plague e-retailers, with expert forecasts pegging the number of returns at an astounding 25 percent overall. Colloquially, e-retailers have mistakenly viewed the return policy as a nightmare, one that's not conducive to a realistic bottom line.

But in lieu of newer, emerging studies, the trend has been bucked. As larger online retailers pave the way by offering cost-free online retail returns policies -- and by showing that doing so actually increases sales and improves retention -- the tide is turning. With the proper returns policy in place, e-retailers actually can stand to gain profits in the form of increased consumer spending, improved loyalty and healthier long term retention rates.

The new guide on the best standards and practices with an online retail returns policy by TrueShip provides insight and suggestions on the following subtopics:

  • The four core tenants of an adequate online retail returns policy.
  • Using easy to understand language when writing the policy.
  • Assuring that the policy is in plain view on the website.
  • The importance of not charging return shipping or restocking fees.
  • Being clear and concise with return packaging instructions.
  • Reducing the rate of online retail returns with better imagery and videos.
  • Incorporating user reviews to improve sales and reduce the rate of returns.
  • Integrating sizing tools and fitting apps to reduce returns in fashion ecommerce.
  • Offering free trials on apparel to let customers try before they buy.
  • Understanding that returns happen and that online stores can actually profit from a hassle-free returns policy in the long run.
  • Keeping customers updated and in the loop once they have processed a return.
  • Infographic on the importance of proper returns management and why it matters.

"With the proper logistics in place, such as an automated online retail returns management system like ReadyReturns, implementing effective standards and practices for an e-retail returns policy is simple," explained Michael Lazar, Director of Online Marketing at TrueShip. "Our newest guide is designed to help e-retailers realize the benefit that a convenient online retail returns policy has to offer, and how it is directly linked to improved customer loyalty and retention as well as a healthier long term sales outlook."

TrueShip's new guide on the best practices and standards for managing online retail returns, including an illustrated infographic, can be viewed in its entirety by visiting: http://www.trueship.com/blog/2016/03/31/managing-online-retail-returns-best-standards-practices.

A detailed assortment of related ecommerce guides can also be found at TrueShip's website at: http://www.trueship.com/blog.

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#ShipSmarter -- TrueShip is the original architect of multi-carrier ecommerce shipping software. ReadyShipper shipping software integrates into the most widely used shopping carts and online marketplaces. It is an easy-to-use order fulfillment solution designed to save e-retailers time and money.

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#ReturnsHappen -- ReadyReturns is a customer-facing, self-service online product returns software solution. It integrates into virtually any website without any programming. ReadyReturns lets customers make returns from a website by filling out a simple form and printing the return shipping label. E-retailers set the rules of the returns, including things like return shipping and restocking fees.

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