Energy Focus Launches “Energy Focus Promise” Its 10-Year Warranty for LED Products


SOLON, Ohio , April 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Energy Focus Inc. (NASDAQ:EFOI), a leader in LED lighting technologies, announced today “Energy Focus Promise,” the company’s new, standard 10-year warranty for commercial LED tubes (“TLEDs”), LED Dock Lights, Globes and Retrofit Kits.  (See:  The warranty commences April 1, 2016 and will encompass all covered LED products delivered on or after the commencement date.

Energy Focus’ 10-year warranty doubles the LED industry’s standard 5-year warranty time period and covers the warrantied products in their entirety, not just certain components, at no additional cost to customers.  This new warranty will not only provide a more compelling return-on-investment to customers for the company’s LED products due to reduced potential product replacement costs over the 10-year warranty period, but also helps assure the estimated cash flows for customers using “pay-through-savings” mechanisms to finance retrofit projects.  These customers include, though not limited to federal government agencies, municipalities, public schools and hospitals, as well as small-to-medium sized businesses.

“Energy Focus has invented, engineered and manufactured a premium LED product line for the U.S. Navy with an ongoing process and infrastructure that originated more than 10 years ago,” said John Davenport, Chief Scientist.  “Today, Energy Focus applies the same set of rigorous, validated disciplines it developed to successfully serve the U.S. Navy to its commercial product line to ensure quality throughout its design, testing and manufacturing processes, which give us the confidence and conviction to underwrite the new warranty.”

“Energy Focus has always been committed to and proud of developing and offering LED lighting products with the utmost integrity on quality, substantiated by our industry-leading track record, be it for the U.S. Navy, public schools, hospitals, retail stores, or manufacturing facilities,” stated James Tu, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  “At a time when long-term financing and lighting-as-a-service offerings are emerging as preferred venues for LED lighting upgrades, Energy Focus is extremely excited to offer a benchmark-setting warranty program to further reduce long-term cash flow risks for all parties involved in LED lighting retrofit projects—end users, designers, developers, installers and financiers, thereby optimizing project feasibility and expediting LED lighting adoption.  We believe that ”Energy Focus Promise,” together with our solid financial underpinnings, will deliver an unprecedented assurance for product performance, further advancing our mission of being the most trusted LED lighting partner for our customers.”

About Energy Focus, Inc.:

Energy Focus, Inc. is a leading provider of energy efficient LED lighting products and a developer of energy efficient lighting technology. Our LED Lighting products provide energy savings, aesthetics, safety and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting. Our long-standing relationship with the U.S. Government continues to enable us to provide energy efficient LED lighting products to the U.S. Navy and the Military Sealift Command fleets. Customers include national, state and local U.S. government agencies as well as Fortune 500 companies and many other commercial and industrial clients. World headquarters are located in Solon, Ohio with additional offices in Washington, D.C., New York City and Taiwan. For more information, see our web site at



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