New Study Urges E-Retailers to Reexamine Their Return Policy & Automate It

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - April 04, 2016) -  ReadyReturns has just released a new Guide that urges online retailers to take a second look at their return policy. If it looks like a wall of text, seems to be confusing, or requires too many steps for the consumer, it's only hurting your business.

The guide explains how online retailing has evolved in recent years. With millennials comprising over 25% of all online shoppers -- and spending the most of all shoppers along the way -- no longer will consumers stand by and deal with a multi-step and confusing return policy. Instead, they'll just take their business somewhere else.

What's more, think about the "after buying experience," the guide advises. Online stores are commonly so focused on streamlining the shopping and checkout process that the returns process is commonly overlooked.

But what happens if the consumer finds it inconvenient and difficult to return an online purchase? Most of the time, they'll simply shop elsewhere in the future.

Recent studies are finding that convenient and lenient return policies equate to a drastic increase in future purchases and long term retention and loyalty. So understanding what your return policy is saying about your online business is instrumental to your success, explains the new guide.

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#ReturnsHappen -- ReadyReturns is a customer-facing, plug-and-play, self-service online product returns software solution. It integrates into virtually any website without any programming. ReadyReturns lets customers make returns from a website by filling out a simple form and printing the return shipping label. E-retailers set the rules of the returns, including things like return shipping and restocking fees.

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