ShopSmarter Raises the Bar for Cash-Back Programs by Offering Subscribers Consistent 10% Cash Back at 1,000+ Retailers

With Cash-back Deals Increasingly Attracting Consumers and Retailers, ShopSmarter Sets a New Standard by Giving Online Shoppers 10% Cash Back on Their Purchases Year-Round

ROCKY HILL, CT--(Marketwired - April 05, 2016) - As consumers and retailers increase their usage of cash-back promotions, ShopSmarter has established itself as a leader in that field, thanks to its year-round benefit that offers subscribers 10% cash back on their purchases at over 1,000 retail sites.

Cash-back deals have proven appeal to consumers. According to recent studies, 50% of shoppers want cash back on every purchase, and almost four in 10 online consumers shop exclusively at websites that offer cash back. Cash-back offers pay off for retailers, too; they've been shown to increase site traffic, raise average order values, and close more sales for retailers of every size.

"ShopSmarter serves the interest of consumers and retailers alike," says Tom Caporaso, CEO of Clarus Commerce, which owns and operates ShopSmarter. "Unlike other cash-back sites, which typically offer 2-4% cash back, with an occasional one-day special of 5-6% at a single merchant, ShopSmarter gives subscribers consistent 10% cash back at over 1,000 retailers throughout the year.

"Subscribers shop much more confidently, knowing they'll save 10% whenever they shop through ShopSmarter. Participating retailers enjoy greater confidence, too, because subscribers are eager, savings-savvy, and highly motivated to make purchases."

In addition to 10% cash back at over 1,000 retailers, including Lowe's, Best Buy, Macy's, Kohl's, JCPenney, and many others, subscribers enjoy instant access to the latest coupon deals and promotions at participating retailers. They can also use ShopSmarter's price comparison tool to instantly find the best deals on over 100 million items sold through its retail network.

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About Clarus Commerce

After introducing in 2002, Clarus Commerce has continually enhanced the ways that consumers save when they shop online. was the first program to offer free shipping and 10% cash-back on virtually every online purchase. Clarus Commerce has developed a wide range of customized subscription shopping programs that offer shoppers significant savings on their online orders. For more information, visit

Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso is available for interviews.