Paramit Corporation generates savings with Vista Solar's 892.18 kW Solar Solution

Santa Clara, California, UNITED STATES

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 5, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paramit Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of complex medical devices and life science instruments, is now solar powered. Vista Solar recently completed an 892 kilowatt solar solution for Paramit, which will save $5,117,446 over the course of 25 years. The massive 892kW installation is estimated to produce 1,419,312 kilowatt-hours annually.

In addition to incredible savings, Paramit joins the growing community of smart businesses off-setting their carbon footprint through solar energy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Paramit is offsetting 979 metric tons of carbon every year by going solar. Which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from 110,126 gallons of gasoline or 2,276 barrels of oil.

The decision was a clear choice for Paramit who focuses on engineering knowhow, correctness, innovation, common sense, and Integrity. Adopting solar provides incredible savings and clear environmental benefits. Paramit is able to track their solar energy production in real time utilizing unique cloud monitoring tools integrated into their solar solution.

Billoo Rataul, the CEO at Paramit, states that "the experience was absolutely painless. Everybody was really helpful, and kept us informed throughout the process. Our team has been able to achieve extreme quality levels for our customers in the medical and life science industries and with this environmentally progressive solution we continue to adopt ways of better serving our customers."

About Paramit

Paramit Corporation delivers peace of mind for customers by manufacturing complex medical devices and life science instruments at better-than-best-in-class levels across quality, delivery, customer service, and cost. Paramit's unique approach incorporates a dedicated, engineering-driven team, proprietary processes, everyday ingenuity, high efficiency and full ownership of the manufacturing process. For more information on the Morgan Hill, CA-based company, please visit

About Vista Solar

Vista Solar is a California commercial solar electric design and installation firm, which specializes in analyzing commercial and agricultural utility rate structures and optimizing solar system designs to generate the maximum energy bill savings for clients. With over 100 solar installations and +20 megawatts of solar power systems installed across California, Vista Solar has a demonstrated ability to deliver solar solutions that generate dependable energy production and significant long-term financial benefits. For more information, visit and follow Vista Solar on Linkedin,and Facebook.

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