Fly Like A Rock Star to the Coachella Valley From San Jose for Only $499 Roundtrip on JetSuiteX

Irvine, California, UNITED STATES

- Thousands of Dollars of Free Flights to be Awarded For

Best 80’s-Inspired Rock Star Video on Indi

IRVINE, Calif., April 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  JetSuiteX, a new public charter operator, will be flying Bay Area travelers to the Coachella Valley this month like rock stars heading to a gig, but for only $499 roundtrip (taxes included).

The new operator will fly from San Jose Mineta International Airport Friday, April 15, to Jacqueline Cochran Desert Resorts Regional Airport, returning on Monday, April 18.  Both flights depart at 9am.  Bookings can be made for the Coachella Valley charters by calling (800) 572-6050.

To commemorate the Coachella Valley flights, JetSuiteX is launching a brand channel on Indi, asking music lovers to submit their best 80s-inspired rock video to win more than $2,000 in flight credits for JetSuite and JetSuiteX. 

JetSuiteX’s “Private for the Public” service offers a private jet style experience, flying from private jet facilities, but for about the price of a traditional airline seat.  JetSuiteX’s fleet of Embraer 135 aircraft offer:

  • 30 luxurious seats per aircraft, each with at least 36-inch seat pitch, legroom comparable to domestic airlines’ business class service;
  • three seats per row—a single and a double— offering more personal space;
  • free WiFi and inflight entertainment onboard streamed to passengers’ personal devices; and
  • service only from private jet terminals (FBOs) so the experience will be faster and more comfortable, with no major airport delays, security lines, or long walks through giant terminals.

The management team behind JetSuiteX includes principles that launched JetBlue, including CEO Alex Wilcox who was one of JetBlue’s founding directors and the airline’s third employee.

JetSuite has provided high-end private jet service since 2009 on aircraft including 4-seat Phenom 100s and 6-seat JetSuite Edition CJ3s. With the acquisition of ten Embraer E135 jets, the operator is branching out into public charter service, where a private jet experience may actually be purchased by a single seat. JetSuite will also use the new aircraft for private charter, where the whole jet may be chartered for around $8,000 per hour (or just $300 per person per hour for a group of 30).

As with JetSuite’s entire fleet, the E135 aircraft will feature complimentary WiFi onboard and free inflight entertainment. The E135 fleet features custom interiors with additional soundproofing, leather sidewalls, and free WiFi, as do JetSuite’s other private jets. The ten E135 aircraft will be delivered by mid 2017.

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About JetSuite and JetSuiteX
JetSuite’s vision to provide the freedom and exhilaration of private air travel to more people than ever is realized through transparent pricing, efficient operations, acute attention to detail, acclaimed customer service, and industry-leading safety practices. Offering a WiFi-equipped fleet of Phenom 100s in the western US and JetSuite Edition CJ3s in the eastern and western US, JetSuite was recently ranked the 4th largest private jet charter company in the US for total hours flown and #2 in aircraft utilization, per ARGUS.  Under the leadership of CEO Alex Wilcox, a JetBlue founding executive, JetSuite is IS-BAO certified and rated Platinum by ARGUS, the highest possible safety rating in the private jet industry.  In addition, the FAA's 2012, 2013 and 2014 Diamond Award of Excellence was bestowed upon JetSuite for the achievements of the company's highly regarded teams of pilots and maintenance technicians. JetSuiteX flights will be flown by air carrier Delux Public Charter LLC FAA certificate number 4DA097O and by JetSuite Air certificate number 9SUA667M.


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