Atlanta Chiropractor Century Center Chiropractic Adds Additional Intersegmental Traction Table to Meet Client Demand

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, April 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Due to popular demand, Atlanta chiropractor Century Center Chiropractic will be adding another intersegmental traction table to its office. This equipment has been extremely effective for clients with a range of spinal issues and many say they prefer it over other treatments like hydromassage (although this is offered as well.)

Century Center Chiropractic has had one intersegmental table for some time, but interest and demand has warranted the need for a second one. Intersegmental traction table therapy is extremely effective in improving spinal mobility, increasing range of motion and decreasing pain.

Intersegmental traction tables assist chiropractic clients in gently re-establishing optimal ranges for the spine. The table assists in reducing muscle spasms and relaxing muscles deeply. Daily use of an intersegmental traction table promotes more efficient healing and recovery from spinal issues or back injuries following an accident.

Intersegmental traction tables work via a roller system that changes contact pressure as it rolls along the back and spine. This treatment is extremely beneficial to client relaxation and healing. It is an excellent complementary treatment to chiropractic care and helps with a range of back and spine issues.

The spine’s discs receive nutrients via the body’s circulating fluids within spinal joints as the body moves. If a joint or vertebrae is misaligned, this action is hindered and can lead to degeneration and thinning of the discs. Intersegmental traction uses a gentle rolling motion to encourage mild stretching of the spine that improves circulation, range of motion and mobility. Ligaments and tissues are gently stretched, postural muscles are strengthened and deeper, more efficient healing is promoted.

Oxygen and blood flow are improved to the discs of the spine as well as surrounding muscles, ligaments and other tissues. This enhances strength, balance and mobility. Posture and alignment are restored as circulation of cerebrospinal fluid increases. Spinal issues like misalignment and curving are gently corrected in a manner that is non-invasive and relaxing to the client.

Intersegmental traction table treatments are safe and effective for clients of all shapes, sizes and ages, including children. The intersegmental traction table helps in re-establishing the normal range of motion of the spine in a very gentle and effective manner. It also aids in reducing muscle spasms, providing relaxation and pain relief to back muscles.

Dr. Jared Simon says, “At Century Center Chiropractic, we are proud to announce this new addition. Now, we can assist twice as many Atlanta clients in enjoying the therapeutic benefits of intersegmental traction table therapy.” 

Atlanta chiropractor Century Center Chiropractic is located in Northeast Ste A at 1758 Century Boulevard in Atlanta, Georgia. Those in the Atlanta area seeking more information about intersegmental traction table therapy may do so by calling (404) 634-1669, or by visiting the Century Center Chiropractic website.



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