Phoenix Study Reveals 13% of Americans Regularly Use Urgent Care Clinics And Prefer Over Family Doctor

Urgent care providers have opportunities to reach patients in search of routine wellness and emergency care


RHINEBECK, N.Y., April 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phoenix Marketing International, a premier global marketing services firm, today released new data focused on the utilization of urgent care clinics in the U.S. The research shows that while the majority of Americans have utilized a clinic in the past -- and some even visit them for routine care -- there are messaging and marketing opportunities to help drive more frequent usage.

"Many urgent care clinics offer the same services as primary care physicians, do not require an appointment, and have co-pays that are often the same or more affordable than a traditional doctor's office while also having very convenient locations," said Brent Aspinwall, senior project director at Phoenix Marketing International. "These messages will resonate with potential patients in search of a new care provider, particularly as the primary care shortage in the U.S. grows, or with emergency needs; they should be a part of any urgent care marketing plan," continued Aspinwall.

In terms of usage frequency the research revealed that:

  • 13% regularly use urgent care clinics over a family doctor
  • 36% sometimes use them
  • 40% rarely use clinics or only use for emergencies
  • 11% have never used an urgent care clinic

Situations where urgent care clinics are the number one choice for patients include:

  • Non-life threatening emergency care - 41%
  • Major illnesses - 22%
  • Routine wellness visits, tests and screenings - 7%

"We found that young men and Hispanics use urgent care clinics more often for routine wellness visits, tests and screenings, which presents a unique opportunity to expand messaging and outreach efforts with a goal of driving more frequent utilization among different demographic groups," said Mr. Aspinwall.

Phoenix Marketing International also offers a unique mobile insights product for the urgent care marketplace branded UrgentCareXP. UrgentCareXP, powered by their mXP platform, connects with customers at targeted urgent care facilities on their mobile devices to capture their urgent care experience. This allows providers to measure customer reactions to services in real-time, rather than by delayed memory. More detail on the UrgentCareXP product can be found by visiting

The Phoenix Healthcare group is hosting a webinar revealing findings from their new mXP OTC product titled "How Consumers Make In-Store Decisions for Health and Personal Care Brands". The webinar is being held on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 from 11:00AM – 11:30AM EST and will be presented by Ken Kerr, Vice President, Healthcare. To register for the webinar visit:

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