Adan Medical Innovation Announces Launch of Clinical Trial for anAPPhylaxis—Its Smart Case and Mobile Phone App for Epinephrine Autoinjectors

Barcelona, SPAIN

BARCELONA, Spain, April 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adan Medical Innovation, SL. (Adan MI), a privately held biotech firm developing advanced tools and medical devices that assist in the maintenance, portability and storage of pharmaceutical drugs, today announced the launch of the company’s first clinical trial for its leading medical device, anAPPhylaxis (pronounced: an-APP-fil-laks-əs).

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anAPPhylaxis is a combination of a smart case and corresponding mobile phone application for use in managing an epinephrine autoinjector, the primary treatment for anaphylaxis, a serious allergic reaction. anAPPhylaxis provides readings regarding the storage conditions, effectiveness and physical proximity of the epinephrine autoinjector through a wireless Bluetooth® connection with a smart phone, and issues alerts to warn the patient if there is a separation between the patient and their device, or if the environment the case is stored in is unacceptable.

If anaphylaxis does occur, the anAPPhylaxis mobile app is designed to automatically issue alerts to a pre-determined list of contacts and/or emergency services, providing each with the location where the smart case was opened. The app will then proceed to play a video demonstrating the proper method of using the epinephrine autoinjector for the person, caregiver, or whomever may be assisting the person experiencing anaphylaxis.

“There isn’t anything in the market like what we have created—an innovative and effortless device that pairs biotechnology and mobile health,” said Adan MI CEO Xavier Guillem. “This convergence of these two fields is groundbreaking, and we are only just beginning to implement the potential of this technology.”

The clinical trial is being conducted at the largest hospital complex in Spain, the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona with the primary endpoint of evaluating the satisfaction with the use of the anAPPhylaxis medical device by patients. Secondary endpoints include evaluating quality of life, adherence to medical requirements and measurement of perceived anxiety regarding use in the event of anaphylaxis.

Adan MI Co-Founders, Drs. Anna Sala and Adrian Curran, developed the idea for a medical device from the daily testimonials, concerns and opinions they heard from their patients regarding the challenges of carrying, maintaining and storing their epinephrine autoinjectors on a daily basis. 

About Adan Medical Innovation (Adan MI) 
Adan Medical Innovation (Adan MI) is a privately held biotechnology firm committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals, families and caregivers who manage an epinephrine autoinjector for use in the event of anaphylaxis, a potentially serious and fatal allergic reaction. Adan MI’s leading medical device is anAPPhylaxis, a combination of a smart epinephrine autoinjector case and a corresponding mobile phone application that provides readings regarding the storage conditions and physical proximity of an individual’s epinephrine autoinjector through a wireless Bluetooth® connection on a smart phone. For more information, visit



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