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MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwired - Apr 26, 2016) - Senior citizens represent the largest growing population in North America but according to the FBI, they can also be the most susceptible to crime, including home invasion, scams, identity fraud and more. Leading into Older Americans month in May, Master Lock is offering senior citizens security tips to help keep them protected, safe and secure.

"At Master Lock, our goal is to develop products and provide security resources for North Americans throughout various seasons and life stages," said Rebecca Smith, vice president, marketing for Master Lock. "We are addressing the most common safety concerns senior citizens face and providing solutions for everything worth protecting in these different settings -- at home -- whether in a house or a group home environment, on the road and while traveling."

1. Protect the Home from Intruders - Burglars can view senior citizens' homes as an easy target. Simple security measures can help protect senior citizens against home invasion. Master Lock 265DCCSEN Security Door Bar provides an additional layer of security to homes by affixing to sliding glass and patio doors. Additionally, when traveling, enlist a trusted friend or family member to pick up the mail and newspapers to avoid showing signs of an empty house. Store a spare house key in a trusted key safe, such as the Master Lock 5422D Push Button Portable Key Safe to provide to your designated house sitter. Also, take extra precautions such as installing a home alarm system to deter intruders and break-ins.

2. Secure Personal Belongings in a Nursing Home Setting - Senior citizens that are no longer living on their own and live in group home environments face a unique set of security concerns. With several caregivers, cleaners, and residents in and out of a nursing home resident's living quarters, it's important to keep valuables protected. Store important items and documents in an easy-to-use, locked safe. Small items, such as credit cards, jewelry or cash, fit in the portable Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace Portable Personal Safe while larger items, like documents or memorabilia, can be stored in a larger safe, such as the SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe (SFW123DTB)

3. Stay Safe While on the Road - With advanced age can come vision impairments and other issues that can impact senior citizens' ability to drive. Given this, senior citizens must visit the DMV more frequently for license renewal to ensure they are safe on the road. Senior citizens can ease their driving experience by avoiding driving at night and in bad weather, planning the safest and easiest route and limiting distractions such as a loud radio, talking on a cell phone, texting and eating.

4. Protect Personal Assets from Scams - Be overly cautious with telemarketers or outside salespeople, who tend to prey on seniors. Be careful in these situation and properly research the company if they are seeking some form of payment. The police or Better Business Bureau can be good resources to check to determine if it's a legitimate business, a scam or a threat of identity theft. Avoid providing your credit card, Social Security, Medicare or bank account details to anyone over the phone. Also, never carry personal documents such as a Social Security card with you. Instead, keep these locked up and store digital copies via the free, secure and easy-to-use Master Lock Vault app. The app helps to alleviate the worry surrounding lost or stolen paper documents that contain confidential information, offers a password manager and provides reliable, convenient 24/7 access.

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