MaritzCX Announces Predictive and Social Response Products to Improve Management of the Customer Experience

New capabilities allow businesses to predict customer loyalty and leverage social media insights

South Jordan, Utah, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, April 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MaritzCX, a global customer experience (CX) software and services company, today is pre-announcing two new capabilities in its customer experience product offerings to help businesses broaden their understanding and response to customers. PredictionCX™ provides the first-of-its-kind capabilities to help businesses grow by analyzing known customer information and applying it to predict customer loyalty. SocialCX™ is a first-to-market offering that helps CX pros manage and increase reviews on social media at the local/branch level.

PredictionCX – Rescue, Up-sell, Anticipate Needs of Silent Customers

MaritzCX created PredictionCX to give organizations greater opportunity to recover customers and drive financial returns from their customer experience program. Companies are looking for ways to understand the full spectrum of the customer experience and increase loyalty and retention, which is continually challenged with increasing survey fatigue and growing response bias. PredictionCX provides a way to extrapolate the things known about the customers who respond to surveys and apply them to those who do not.

MaritzCX is partnering with PurePredictive™, a technology provider with patented technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate machine learning, to deliver part of the PredictiveCX solution. MaritzCX will then use its platform and services teams for the remaining analytics and reporting. PredictiveCX will be integrated into MaritzCX dashboards and case management to provide a strong customer recovery system through a closed-loop process.
PredictionCX is currently being offered through a limited, early-adopter program.
SocialCX – The First CX Product Addressing the Problem of Social Reputation Management
Every day, thousands of customers rate, review and discuss their experiences on countless social media and online review sites. SocialCX helps businesses influence their online reputation by encouraging everyday customers to generate positive reviews, leading to a more favorable social presence at the local level and increased customer conversion.
CX professionals consider social media an opportunity to both monitor and manage the customer experience, but also to improve the brand at the local level as a by-product of customer experience interactions. SocialCX will help CX programs become stickier and improve ROI.
"SocialCX focuses on social media sources that contain the most useful information — like popular product review sites — and then uses a powerful MaritzCX text analytics engine to find, capture and transform unstructured social media data into useful and relevant CX insights," said Mark Magee, VP of Product Management, MaritzCX. "Through the combination of SocialCX and PredictionCX, MaritzCX is the first to tackle these big problems for businesses and provide an integrated, holistic solution."
SocialCX will be available for purchase in Summer 2016.
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