abas USA Publishes First in Series of Big Data Blogs

STERLING, VA--(Marketwired - April 28, 2016) - abas USA, Inc. has kicked off a new web series focused on Big Data with a post about defining Big Data in today's technology landscape. In the post, abas discusses the 4V's of Big Data -- Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity -- and how the proliferation of distributed architectures for convenience and cost has lead to the blurring of the line between medium and "Big" data. 

"Now, rather than a clear break when your server can no longer store / process all of your records, and you have to move to a distributed architecture (and someone at your company can say 'we've definitely got Big Data now!'), instead it can be an incremental growth from a few AWS servers to more and more computing power and storage space until one day… surprise! you've transitioned to Big Data without even realizing it," the post says. 

The post is the first of several which will focus on Big Data, its uses and impact on the ERP world, and how Big Data is changing manufacturing. 

The full post can be found online at: http://abas-erp.com/en/news/you-got-it-or-not-how-tell-if-big-data-something-you-need-worry-about-your-application

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