Phoenix Marketing International Uncovers What Affluent Voters Are Thinking About The Presidential Candidates

Clinton and Trump are tied in their ability to grow the economy, regulate Wall Street, and keep the US strong in the global economy


RHINEBECK, NY, N.Y., April 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phoenix Marketing International (, a premier global marketing services firm, today released new data from the research firm's Global Wealth Monitor. The team surveyed affluent voters to find out what they are thinking about each of the candidates and their ability to lead both economically and globally. In terms of growing the economy, regulating Wall Street and keeping us strong in the global economy, Clinton and Trump are on the top of the list. The research also showed that affluent households are most likely to vote for Clinton (32%) and Trump (25%). The results come from an analysis of 774 completed interviews (conducted from 4/4-4/10, 2016) with affluent households having $100k+ in investable assets.

"In addition to national and global economic abilities, affluent investors are actively following the presidential race on a daily basis and keeping their finger on the pulse of this historic primary," said David Thompson, Managing Director, Affluent Practice, Phoenix Marketing International. "The affluent segment has always played an important role in the election, from voter support to financial donations they want to ensure that their money and the economy is well taken care of. This reinforces why they are playing such an active role in the primaries and upcoming election."

According to the research, 48% of affluent voters are very involved and follow the election news on a daily basis while 31% somewhat involved. The Global Wealth Monitor also revealed:

In terms of growing the US economy, affluent voters think the one to do the best job is:

Trump - 31%
Clinton - 28%
Kasich - 15%
Cruz - 10%
Sanders - 8%
Other - 9%

Wall Street regulation plays out like this:

Clinton - 24%
Trump - 23%
Sanders - 21%
Kasich - 13%
Cruz - 10%
Other - 10%

And on the important issue of ensuring that the US is a leader in the global economy:

Clinton - 31%
Trump - 28%
Kasich - 13%
Cruz - 9%
Sanders - 9%
Other - 9%

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