CAVU Venture Partners Adds More Fuel to Nulo With $9.5M Investment

CAVU Backs Pet Food Lifestyle Brand to Help Owners and Animals Be Healthier Together

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - April 29, 2016) - CAVU Venture Partners, a firm started by CPG veterans known for backing and helping to build iconic consumer brands and better-for-you products, today announced that it has invested $9.5M in Nulo Pet Food, makers of high protein, grain-free premium pet foods. Funds will be used to continue scaling marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of Nulo's exceptional dog and cat food lines.

"This investment speaks to the potential we see in Nulo as the first lifestyle brand within pet food," said Brett Thomas, co-founder of CAVU Venture Partners. "The company's mission of helping consumers and their pets get healthier together is a great fit for CAVU's portfolio, as is the team's innovative approach to marketing."

Nulo has created premium dog and cat food lines for owners who are passionate about the foods that fuel their pets. The company has partnered with several world-class athletes known for using food to enhance performance, showcasing why a similar approach is important for the longevity and quality of their pets' lives. Nulo has also initiated unique marketing campaigns that drive awareness to the needs of pets. For example, Nulo recently donated 520 pounds of food to the Houston Humane Society -- 10 pounds for every ace hit by John Isner, the highest ranked U.S. men's tennis player and a Nulo partner, during the U.S. Men's Clay Court Championship tournament. Nulo also sponsors its own active pet events and shares tips on how to exercise safely with pets to encourage owners and pets to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"Nulo is very excited to be partnered with CAVU," said Nulo founder and CEO, Michael Landa. "While it's relatively easy to find investors in our space, it's more challenging to find helpful growth capital that is emotionally invested in your brand."

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About Nulo Pet Food

Nulo Pet Food started when its founder & CEO, Michael Landa, who has over a decade worth of experience in professional pet care and education, began to see a rapid escalation in overweight pets, unhealthy lifestyles, and an increase in at-home insulin shots for diabetic cats and dogs.

Landa, a former biomedical engineering major and All-American swimmer -- and who is motivated by the lifestyle and nutrition that fuels world class athletes -- was inspired to take a better approach to pet nutrition. Working side-by-side with one of the nation's top animal nutrition scientists, Landa developed Nulo's industry leading pet food platform -- high in animal-based proteins, low in carbs and with low glycemic ingredients, a diet more appropriate for the athletic carnivores that dogs & cats were meant to be.

Today, elite athletes and active pet parents around the world champion Nulo's mission to inspire others to live active, healthy lifestyles with their pets while making better choices in their dog or cats' nutrition. Visit for inspirational stories and videos featuring elite athletes and their pets.

About CAVU Venture Partners

CAVU Venture Partners invests in high growth, iconic consumer brands, primarily better-for-you food and beverage companies. Founded by CPG Veterans Rohan Oza, Clayton Christopher, and Brett Thomas, CAVU looks to partner with passionate entrepreneurs with big visions. CAVU helps bring those dreams to fruition through know-how and deep industry contacts. To learn more about what makes CAVU distinct, please visit

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