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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwired - May 05, 2016) - SmarTech Publishing, the leading supplier of industry research in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector has just published two new White Papers on trends in additive manufacturing in two critical end user industries: Aerospace and Medicine.

These White Papers are both available to download at no cost, for those who register at the SmarTech Publishing Web site The analysis in these reports is taken from our extensive range of industry reports, each of which covers a different kind of 3D printing technology, material or application sector

Additive Manufacturing Taking Flight

"Additive Manufacturing Taking Flight - 2016," analyzes the immediate prospects for additive manufacturing in the aerospace sector. The White Paper notes that since 2015, the aerospace industry has undergone a shift from "healthy skepticism" regarding the widespread use of AM technology, to what increasingly appears to be an all-in acceptance for developing AM's use.

This White Paper discuses in detail where the opportunities for AM technology are currently emerging. It notes that a high degree of focus and innovation still stems from major commercial aircraft manufacturers today. However, SmarTech Publishing believes it is becoming more and more important for stakeholders to understand how AM can be applied across a number of other aerospace-related markets in order to maximize the effectiveness of investments and research.

Growing Acceptance of Medical 3DP

"Growing Acceptance of Medical 3D Printing and the Specialty Medical 3D Printing Business Model," shows how the medical industry has long been a leader in terms of adoption of 3D printing technology and has developed specific solutions that can only be achieved through additive fabrication.

Over time, the capabilities of nearly every prominent three-dimensional printing technology have been adapted for use within the context of healthcare -- whether it be for producing medical models, surgical drilling or cutting guides, prosthetic devices, implants, or more classically in prototyping and manufacturing medical equipment and devices.

As a result in 2016, the acceptance of 3D printing technologies for the purposes of medical care are at an all-time high, with use of a number of popular print technologies spanning a wide range of treatment.

This White Paper examines how the value chain for Medical 3DP is currently emerging and the promising growth that SmarTech Publishing is seeing from global orthopedic implant firms and specialty medical 3D printing solutions companies. A huge growth in this area has been observed over the last twelve months, encompassing all manner of medical practice areas and 3D print technologies.

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SmarTech Publishing is the leading provider of industry analysis for the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector.

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