Paralyzed Veterans Supports Holistic Transition and Empowers Our Injured Veterans

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - May 5, 2016) - For 70 years, Paralyzed Veterans of America (Paralyzed Veterans) has served those who serve our country. Paralyzed Veterans understands holistic transition is the key to ensuring our nation's heroes successfully adjust to civilian life after service, particularly when they return with life-altering injuries. Paralyzed Veterans is dedicated to helping the most catastrophically injured veterans transition and regain their independence.

Through its 34 chapters and more than 70 offices throughout the country, Paralyzed Veterans advocates for veterans with spinal cord injury and/or disease, as well as all veterans and the disability community. The organization gains access to their VA benefits, quality health care and vocational opportunities.

Paralyzed Veterans' National Service Officers (NSOs) are expertly trained and always ready to meet the needs of our nation's injured veterans, their families and caregivers. Not only are many of these NSOs veterans, but many also suffer from some degree of disability, which provides them with a greater understanding of the most concerning challenges that impact veterans and their families. Most importantly, NSOs are able to offer specialized attention and support that these heroic men and women not only deserve but so desperately need.

The PSAs titled "A Soldier Says Thanks" (:60, :30, :15) tell the story of Sergeant Alberto Velasco, a young man who faced an uncertain future after serving his country in Iraq. At the age of 27, Alberto was paralyzed in a motor vehicle accident. With a wife and family to support, Alberto was greatly impacted by the accident. The PSAs convey the mental and physical challenges Alberto and his family have faced, and explain how Paralyzed Veterans partners for life with our injured veterans by providing expertise to help veterans thrive. At the end of the PSA, Alberto expresses his gratitude to Paralyzed Veterans for helping him move forward with his life.

Paralyzed Veterans of America positively changes lives and builds brighter futures for our nation's veterans with disabilities and their families, through its holistic approach and broad range of services and expertise. Whether it's fighting for quality health care and benefits for all who served, providing opportunities to get back into life through adaptive sports, helping veterans with disabilities secure good jobs and careers, advancing a barrier-free America, educating clinicians about spinal cord injury and/or disease or investing in a cure for paralysis, Paralyzed Veterans leads the way in empowering veterans and all people with disabilities with everything they need to live full and productive lives.

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Sergeant Alberto Velasco, a young man who faced an uncertain future after serving his country in Iraq