US Coast Guard Utilizes Cloud Friendly LED Signs To Bring Safety To The Oregon Port

Safety for the US Coast Guard North Bend in Newport, OR, is top priority, and LED signs powered by the cloud from Entech Signs can deliver safety information and alerts fast anytime, anywhere, from any device.

NEWPORT, OR--(Marketwired - May 09, 2016) - Providing safe waters for boaters is a 24 hour job for the US Coast Guard and being able to rely on tools to help further ensure safety is important. Recently, Entech Signs, a GSA Contractor for over 15 years from Grand Prairie, TX, provided and installed an LED sign at the entrance of Yaquina Bay for the US Coast Guard Station. The goal was to provide safety information and alerts for boats coming in and out of the bay. With the power of the Entech's cloud-based software, the USCG can send safety messages anytime, anywhere, from any device within seconds which can be crucial for boater safety.

Station Yaquina Bay is located in the fishing and tourist community of Newport, Oregon. There has been a Coast Guard station in this area since 1895. The current Station was established in 1950. The bar, when breaking, is narrow and dangerous but is a short transit before entering the sheltered area of the jetties. The port accommodates bulk carrier traffic, usually timber products, and is serviced by the Coos Bay pilots association.

The LED sign is located at the entrance to the port. Basically, any boat headed out to sea will have to go pass this area and see the sign. The sign will provide safety information to the boats so they know what is allowed during that time. For instance, there may be a restriction for commercial vessels 25' or smaller and they are only allowed to go out to a certain marker. Originally, they were setup to use local media software, but after learning about Entech's cloud-based software called SM Infinity, they were hooked.

Roger Tien with Entech Signs stated, "The cloud-based software was ideal for for the USCG allowing them to quickly and easily update the signs from anywhere to ensure the safety of the public. They are going to set up pre-made messages for all the different size boats. With their iPad, they can drag in and out the messages they need to the schedule (very quick and efficient). As with many bases, they have new people stationed there all the time, so having easy to use software makes training easy, too...a definite plus."

Another interesting point was that the LED sign was fairly far (about 2 football fields away) with no line of sight to the closest operational building. Entech was able to shoot the Internet signal utilizing wireless radios down to one of the docks and then shoot the signal directly to the LED sign. In addition, due to the open nature of the signs and equipment, they were able to get a security camera installed using the existing link.

True innovation from Entech Signs along with genuine attention to the client's needs has given the USCG North Bend an effective messaging solution that will help protect boaters of Yaquina Bay for many years to come.

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