Roadtrip Nation joins USA Funds to enhance education-to-career connection

Affiliation expands career exploration resources for students and working adults

INDIANAPOLIS, May 9, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Roadtrip Nation, a Costa Mesa, Calif.-based provider of career exploration and planning resources for both students and adults, is joining Indianapolis-based nonprofit USA Funds to jointly improve the path through education to rewarding careers and fulfilling lives. The new relationship with USA Funds will help Roadtrip Nation expand the reach of its unique, highly engaging career exploration tools and content to help millions of people define their "purpose" by connecting their personal interests to compatible career paths.

"Roadtrip Nation's focus on helping people define their 'own roads in life' aligns with USA Funds' focus on Completion With a Purpose, helping students and working adults build a more purposeful path to and through postsecondary education and on to rewarding careers," said USA Funds President and CEO William Hansen. "During the past 15 years, Roadtrip Nation has created game-changing tools that connect extremely well both with young people and working adults, helping them investigate career opportunities and the education pathways to realize those opportunities."

"We are excited to have a mission-driven partner like USA Funds that shares our vision for enabling students and working adults to explore what is possible for their futures," said Mike Marriner, co-founder of Roadtrip Nation. "With USA Funds' support, we'll be able to empower even more people to define their own roads in life, and do so in a way that preserves the distinct mission and ethos of Roadtrip Nation."

Roadtrip Nation is best known for its iconic green RVs, which send students and career seekers on road trips throughout the country to conduct interviews with leaders in diverse career fields. Founded in 2001 by three Pepperdine University graduates, Roadtrip Nation has developed an extensive archive of career exploration videos as well as a long-running annual public television series, live campus events, best-selling books, online multimedia content, and innovative educational curriculum.

USA Funds has owned a minority interest in Roadtrip Nation since December 2014. Roadtrip Nation now becomes a wholly owned affiliate of USA Funds, but will operate as an independent entity and brand, under the day-to-day leadership of its three co-founders: Marriner, Nathan Gebhard and Brian McAllister.

About USA Funds

USA Funds is a nonprofit corporation that supports Completion With a Purpose, building a more purposeful path for America's students to and through college and on to rewarding careers and successful lives. USA Funds pursues its nonprofit mission through philanthropic activities and partnerships, policy research, and programs and services that enhance preparation for, access to and success in higher education. Learn more at

About Roadtrip Nation

Roadtrip Nation, known for its New York Times best-selling career guide, award-winning television series, extensive online content archive, and innovative classroom curriculum, is a career exploration organization that empowers people to define their own roads in life. Combining self-reflection with real-world exposure, Roadtrip Nation's tools enable individuals to connect their interests to compatible life pathways and find meaningful work. For more information, visit and


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