Bob Vila’s Top Five Must-Do Projects to Pest-Proof Your Home

Fairfax, Virginia, UNITED STATES

FAIRFAX, VA, May 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Home Improvement Expert Bob Vila is working with the non-profit organization, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), to help homeowners identify common household pests and share his top five pest proofing tips that everyone can use. Below are Vila's top five projects to pest-proof your home this season.

Bob Vila’s Top Five “Must-Do” Projects to Pest-Proof Your Home

  • Keep pests out by cutting off pest highways into the home. Seal cracks and holes, including entry points for utilities and pipes, replace weather stripping and loose mortar around a home’s foundation and windows, and patch torn window screens.
  • Zika virus and other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes are a major concern for public health organizations this year. Eliminate sources of standing water around the house, which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This includes birdbaths, pool covers, baby pools, flowerpots, clogged gutters and other rain collectors in the form of abandoned tires, etc.
  • Pests love moisture! Reduce moisture around the home by fixing leaky pipes and keep basements, attics and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry.
  • Termites can compromise the structural stability of a home in short order. Conduct an audit of the home’s exterior looking for potential signs of trouble, such as mud tubes, rotted stumps or timbers, and mulch that is less than 15 inches from the foundation.
  • If your home is prone to pest problems or you suspect an infestation, partner with a pest control professional to help properly identify and eliminate the problem.

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