Radnor Veterinary Hospital Offers Pennsylvania Doggy Daycare Service

WAYNE, Pa., May 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Radnor Veterinary Hospital helps area pet owners enjoy added peace of mind by offering a comprehensive doggy daycare service. Pennsylvania dog owners who worry about leaving their pet alone all day long while they work or run errands now have an alternative. Radnor Veterinary Hospital in Wayne offers a full-service doggy daycare specifically aimed at giving pampered pooches the attention they deserve.

The Radnor Dog Club sounds quite exclusive, but it is open to just about every size and breed imaginable. Similar to a childcare facility, the animals placed at this location enjoy constant supervision and care.

“Many of our clients just want to give their pet an extra level of attention. But there are others who have important reasoning for never leaving their dog alone,” explains Radnor Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Len Donato, VMD.  “Those with severe separation anxiety or who can be destructive when left by themselves are usually good candidates for a dog daycare program.”

He also explains that sometimes a pet’s age is a crucial factor. “We also get a number of senior pets that just need a little extra TLC during the day,” says Dr. Donato. “They might need extra bathroom breaks or even special medication. Having someone around to offer a close eye on their needs is important.”

The center features a 4,000-square-foot indoor dog park, which provides ample room for frolicking and play. In addition, comfortable and premium sleeping areas are available to give pup of all ages the ability to rest. For those who really want to go all out, there are also a series of luxury suites available.

Pet owners may provide their own dog food, however a veterinarian approved diet is available for all dogs during their stay. Those who wish to have their animal groomed during their visit even have access to the on-site Dogma Dog Spa. And the center is attached to the veterinary clinic, enabling staff to provide immediate care if a health issue ever arises.

In order for dogs to be accepted to the Radnor Dog Club, they are required to provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations. All animals are verified during an initial intake review at the time an owner signs up for the program. This process includes assessing how well-mannered the dog is, to ensure that its behavior is appropriate towards other dogs and the staff.

In addition to daytime care, the center also offers an overnight program. Additional services for cat, bird and exotic pet owners is also available. Pet owners interested in more information about signing up their canine companion are urged to call Radnor Veterinary Hospital at (610) 687-1550. More information about their full-service animal health services can be found at http://www.radnorvet.com/.


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