Graylog Releases v2.0 of Popular Open Source Log Management Platform

Company Also Unveils First Commercial Product

Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES

HOUSTON, May 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Graylog, Inc., the company behind the popular Graylog open source log collection and analysis platform, today announced Graylog v2.0, a major update to its Open Source log management product, and at the same time unveiled its first commercial product, Graylog Enterprise. This new and improved Graylog v2.0 platform enables organizations to ingest, analyze, and share machine data collected from their IT infrastructures, to quickly pinpoint and address the root cause of operational problems. New features like flexible message processing and data archiving make it even easier for enterprises to deploy and integrate this affordable alternative to expensive log analysis tools such as Splunk®.

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The worldwide popularity of Graylog has been driven by the need for an open and affordable platform capable of ingesting and analyzing machine data at enterprise scale. Graylog’s open and pluggable architecture uniquely enables users to access and apply the valuable information contained in machine data to applications beyond the traditional log management use case.

Graylog’s open source licensing model has enabled Graylog to deliver unprecedented value in record time. As the user base continues to grow, Graylog has responded to increasing requests for enterprise level capabilities, and Graylog’s open source “core” now serves as the foundation for the new Graylog Enterprise product.

The v2.0 release of Graylog is architected to support the most demanding enterprise log analysis environments and incorporates the following new capabilities to help users discover operational insights across their IT hardware, network and application infrastructures:

  • Message processing pipeline

Allows user to write custom rules and combine these rules in different processing pipelines that can transform incoming messages in almost any way needed. Enables greater flexibility in routing, blacklisting, modifying, and enriching messages as they flow through Graylog.

  • Maps widget

Enrich your messages with GeoIP data and visualize the results on an interactive map.

  • Live tail

See what’s being written to Graylog in real time. Configure your latest search results to reload automatically.

  • Archiving

Store compressed log files in cheaper storage. Re-import any archive at a future date for analysis in Graylog.

  • Collector Sidecar

The Sidecar runs next to your favorite log collector (like fluentd or nxlog) and configures it for you. Enjoy central configuration directly from the Graylog web interface.

“We’re changing the log management game in two ways,” said Lennart Koopmann, Founder and CTO of Graylog. “First, we’re making web-scale log management affordable for the masses, and second, we’re making log data accessible to applications beyond traditional log management.”

For more information, read the v2.0 GA release blog.


Both Open Source and Enterprise versions of Graylog v2.0 are available immediately at

About Graylog

Graylog provides and supports both open source and commercial software solutions that store and analyze machine data collected from IT infrastructures and applications. The company enables organizations, at a fraction of the cost, to improve IT operations efficiency, security, and reduce the cost of IT. Graylog has received funding from the Mercury Fund and is based in Houston, Texas. For more information visit:


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