Phoenix Marketing International Teams Up With TextureMedia to Release The Annual Consumer Insights Report: TextureTrends 2016

Comprehensive assessment reveals that textured-hair consumers are spenders and are constantly on the hunt for the perfect hair product With roughly 60% of the market having textured hair, retailers need to actively respond or leave money on the table


RHINEBECK, N.Y., May 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phoenix Marketing International, a premier global marketing services firm, in conjunction with TextureMedia, has released TextureTrends 2016, the textured-hair market's most comprehensive report, including new multi-year trending information. This year's findings reveal that textured-hair consumers are constantly on the hunt for the perfect hair care product. These powerful buyers use more products and spend 20% more monthly than their straight hair counterparts. The 200-page TextureTrends report also offers detailed and actionable market intelligence for both brands and retailers and explores the consumer's attitudes before she ever walks into a store to purchase a product.

"A theme that surfaces in the research this year is the diversity of women within the textured-hair market; they span all ethnicities, which tells us that marketing programs and in-store POS need to reflect woman of all backgrounds," said Julie Rotondo, senior analyst at Phoenix. "Data from the 2016 TextureTrends report also illustrates how brands and retailers are increasingly finding new ways to appeal to these important shoppers. Brands not traditionally targeting the textured-hair consumers are starting to see the potential; and when brands embrace textured-hair marketing initiatives, they see results."

A sampling of this year's key findings about the textured-hair consumer include:

  • The textured-hair consumer spends, on average, $37 a month on product - 20% more than straight-haired consumers
  • 50% continue to buy even after they've found their "Holy Grail" product
  • 77% cocktail products on a regular basis
  • 47% rank reviews as the most important purchasing consideration of a new product
  • 44% rank ingredients as the top purchasing consideration of a new product
  • 50% say a sample encouraged them to purchase a product
  • 54% consider Shea Butter the most desirable ingredient, followed by Argan Oil
  • 11% of coily consumers rank frizz as a concern, while 46% of wavies rank it as their top concern
  • 42% of women with coily hair wear their hair natural most often

"The 2016 results highlight the power of this consumer in reshaping the hair care landscape, both in terms of greater product availability and the expanded selection at retailers," said Michelle Breyer, NaturallyCurly co-founder of TextureMedia. "There also has been movement away from viewing this category in terms of ethnicity and focusing more on texture. Texture truly does transcend ethnicity and retailers that do not respond and develop programs focused on highlighting this trend are leaving money on the table." For an excerpt of the report click here.

The TextureTrends 2016 report draws from more than 5,000 consumers, including 4,500 textured-hair consumers, and explores many areas of purchasing behavior and product usage, including awareness, spend, retail preferences, and brand loyalty.Since the first report was published in 2011, TextureTrends has become a must-have report for brands and retailers in the category.

About Phoenix Marketing International

Phoenix Marketing International is a premier global marketing services firm providing its clients tailored and unique insights with expertise in product innovation, customer experience and communications and brand via a wealth of existing proprietary data, advanced analytics and statistical modeling techniques. The company has extensive research experience across the Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, Converged Technology and Media, Restaurant and Travel/Leisure sectors. With the recent acquisition of Sterling Research Group, the Phoenix team is further expanding its capabilities into the VOC (Voice of the Customer) marketplace. Phoenix's innovative mobile engagement platform, mXP, provides access to an extensive network of on-the-go consumers offering clients deeper insights into the wants and needs of customers across multiple market segments. Founded in 1999 by Chairman and CEO, Allen R. DeCotiis and President, Martha Rea, Phoenix Marketing International has established its global presence with offices in major locations such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California, Michigan, Florida and London. For more information visit

About TextureTrends

TextureTrends is collaboration between Phoenix Marketing International (, a Honomichl Top 50 firm and one of the fastest growing research companies in the U.S, and TextureMedia (, a social media leader in the textured hair market with community-driven brands like NaturallyCurly, CurlyNikki and CurlMart.

About TextureMedia

TextureMedia is the largest hair care platform and trusted thought leader that empowers and inspires millions of texture-hair women to embrace their naturally beautiful selves. By engaging beauty enthusiasts through original content, branded entertainment, social media, product reviews and commerce, they influence up to $5 Billion in annual hair care product sales.

For clients and brand partners, they are a creative powerhouse delivering impactful marketing services and data driven insights that translate to increased brand exposure and greater market share. Their monthly social, consumer reach is 26 million strong across four portfolio digital brands – CurlyNikki, CurlMart, CurlStylist and NaturallyCurly, the flagship brand and first-to-market platform that has amplified the needs and voice of its textured-hair community since 1998. A fifth and most recent brand introduced in 2010, TextureTrends is a unique data product of annual consumer insights diving deep on hair care and style trends, behaviors, brand awareness and purchasing drivers. Together, these brands comprise TextureMedia, the undisputed leader in creating quality content and engaging an authentic, global community of influencers in the world of hair care.


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