The Master Lock Company Locks Down Cyber Security With Tips and Services to Help Prevent Personal Data Breaches

MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwired - May 20, 2016) - With cyber security and online breaches being a frequent topic in the news, Master Lock, a leader in safety and security, wants to remind people of the importance of protecting online accounts by changing passwords often and storing them in a secure location.

"There are a number of steps you can take to help ensure your passwords and accounts are safe," said Rebecca Smith, vice president for Master Lock. "The most basic is to use complex passwords and change them often. Another is to utilize online tools such as The Master Lock Vault which helps users safely store and organize passwords for easy access anytime, anywhere."

According to Smith, Master Lock's Vault is a trusted mobile app and website for password and lock combination storage along with a wide range of options to store personal information, critical documents and more. The Master Lock Vault provides a 256-bit SSL encrypted connection -- the highest grade browser security available -- for safe storage of users' security-sensitive information. The Master Lock Vault also employs strong device and authentication controls as well as redundant firewall protection and intrusion detection monitoring 24/7. Users simply set up an account and then can review, add, change and delete stored information quickly, easily and safely from any computer, smart phone or tablet.

The company also offers these five easy reminders to help protect Americans online.

1. Create secure, complex passwords. There are many ways for hackers to steal information, one of which is a compromised password. Protect your accounts by using a password with a combination of numbers, symbols and upper and lowercase letters.

Take your password to the next level by adding to its length. A password that is at least eight characters long is estimated to take one year to crack. Learn more about creating secure passwords and what to avoid here:

2. Change passwords often. Passwords are recommended to be changed at least every six months. If your existing password has been compromised anyone can access your account. You should immediately change the password for that account and any additional accounts that use the same password. Changing your password frequently minimizes the opportunity for anyone who is trying to hack your account. 

3. Use multiple, unique passwords. Using the same passwords to protect all your online accounts is like using the same key for your home, car and office. If someone was to gain access to one, your other assets also become compromised. The same idea is true with your online accounts.

4. Keep passwords secret. A sticky note on your monitor, a page in a note pad or a Word document is not a safe place to store passwords. You can take advantage of the "Save Passwords" feature in the Master Lock Vault, which provides secure storage to safely keep all of your usernames and passwords in one place whether you use them every day, once a month or once a year.

Gaining access to your passwords in the Master Lock Vault is easy too -- you can access your personal account anytime, anywhere by logging on at or through the app available on a variety of smart phone and tablet devices.

5. Use two-tier authentication.  User authentication, also known as two-tier or device authentication, should always be enabled if offered by sites that collect your secure or private data at registration. With this enabled, you should receive an email or text message during registration with a verification code to complete your account set-up. While this may seem inconvenient at the time of sign-up, the extra protection is well worth this extra step. 

The Master Lock Vault provides all the tools needed to keep online accounts and information secure. Trying to remember a strong password such as, "E;:73*lv47 ga0" for each online account is difficult, but with the Master Lock Vault, accessing these are easy, convenient, and secure. You can sign up for a free Master Lock Vault account by visiting:

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