Jebbit Shakes Up Branded Mobile Engagement With New Interactive Content Product

Unique Mobile Experience Enables Brands and Media Companies to Engage Consumers Cross-Device With Quizzes, Lookbooks, Infographics, and More

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 24, 2016) - Jebbit,​ an interactive content marketing platform that enables marketers to engage their customers and develop thorough behavioral and attitudinal consumer profiles, today announced a new mobile offering as part of a suite of​ products.​ The suite enables brands to use interactive content to engage consumers on a 1:1 basis to acquire new users, educate audiences, drive conversions, and profile customers. The company's platform is used by global brands and media companies such as Tribune Media, Dunkin' Donuts, EMC, LifeLock, and AutoNation, all of which leverage mobile as a key customer engagement medium.

One product, a mobile­-first, micro­-content platform, has a swipeable interface and engages a brand's audience with interactive content like quizzes, lookbooks, and trivia. Consumers can simply swipe left or right to indicate their preferences, tastes, and opinions. Early adopters like Cathay Pacific Airways, Boden, and Greater Media Boston have launched campaigns leveraging Jebbit's new mobile product with tremendous results. Out of the consumers who have seen the mobile content created with Jebbit's platform, 79% engaged with it and 52% entered their email address.

"This is our first campaign with Jebbit, and we already love working with them. We are delighted with the high customer engagement rate and the stunning aesthetics of the campaign," said Wing Mui, Senior Online Marketing Analyst at Cathay Pacific Airways.

Other products in the interactive content suite include an immersive landing page, a site overlay, and a native solution. The platform allows marketers to view real­-time performance and audience analytics to optimize their campaigns. In the past year, Jebbit newly partnered with several leading brands to improve their online performance including Cathay Pacific Airways, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Boston Globe, Boden, and LifeLock.

"Genuine customer engagement requires constant evolution and iteration -- you won't keep customers coming back if your web presence is stale and predictable," Jebbit CEO Tom Coburn said. "Jebbit launched these new products because consumer expectations and digital marketing strategies are always changing. New ideas help our clients, and their customers, get the best possible online return. Our new mobile solution helps marketers engage their audience with smarter content that beats short attention spans."

Jebbit's platform uses interactive content to increase consumer engagement and conversion for brands and publishers. By creating a real-­time content workflow, Jebbit can personalize a brand's interactions with each individual in its audience, capturing data to better inform marketing efforts. Marketers confirm that the value of Jebbit is in the overall increase in conversion and data they acquire about customers, with an average campaign providing three to four new data points on a consumer. A Forrester Report predicted that interactive content marketing spend will hit $76.6 billion by the end of 2016.​

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Jebbit is a venture­-backed company offering a digital marketing platform that creates engaging micro­-content, personalizing a brand's interaction with each individual in its audience. Over time, our solution transforms the unique data we've captured into rich consumer profiles, which integrate with any marketing technology stack. Our customers like Dunkin' Donuts, The Boston Globe, Tribune Media, and AutoNation value the unique data capture and increased conversions that ultimately boost lifetime value. To learn more, visit​

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