2016 Annual General Meeting of shareholders


Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ.) (‘MTG’ or ‘the Group’), the international
entertainment group, today announced that the Annual General Meeting which was
held today in Stockholm, voted to support all of the resolutions that the Board
and Nomination Committee proposed to the Meeting.
The Annual General Meeting adopted the Income Statement and Balance Sheet, as
well as the consolidated financial statements and the Auditor’s report on the
consolidated financial statements for 2015.

The Annual General Meeting discharged the board and the CEO from liability for

The Annual General Meeting resolved to re-elect board members David Chance,
Simon Duffy, Joakim Andersson and Bart Swanson and elect Donata Hopfen and John
Lagerling as new members of the board. The Annual General Meeting also re
-elected David Chance as Chairman of the board.

The Meeting approved the payment of an annual ordinary dividend of SEK 11.50 per
share to shareholders as at the record date of Thursday 26 May 2016. The
dividend payment is expected to be made on Tuesday 31 May 2016.

The Meeting resolved to approve the proposal for remuneration to the Board and
auditor and procedures for the Nomination Committee, as well as the guidelines
for the remuneration to senior executives.

The Meeting resolved to adopt a long term performance-based and share related
incentive plan (“the Plan”) for approximately 85 senior executives and other key
employees. The participants will be granted rights to receive MTG Class B shares
free of charge subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan being fulfilled.
Vesting will occur after release of the interim report for the first quarter
2019. The maximum numbers of MTG Class B shares which may vest under the Plan
are limited to 450,000, representing approximately 0.7 per cent of the
outstanding shares and 0.4 per cent of the outstanding votes.

The Meeting also resolved to authorise the Board of Directors to pass a
resolution on one or more occasions for the period up until the next Annual
General Meeting to repurchase so many Class A and/or Class B shares that MTG's
holding does not at any time exceed 10 per cent of the total number of issued
MTG shares.

At a statutory meeting of the Board of Directors following the Meeting, the
Audit and Remuneration Committees were appointed. Simon Duffy was appointed as
Chairman of the Audit Committee, with Joakim Andersson, Donata Hopfen and John
Lagerling appointed as Committee members. Bart Swanson was appointed as Chairman
of the Remuneration Committee, with David Chance and Joakim Andersson appointed
as Committee members.


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MTG (Modern Times Group MTG AB (publ.)) is a leading international entertainment
group. Our shares are listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm (‘MTGA’ and ‘MTGB’).  The
information in this announcement is that which MTG is required to disclose
according to the Securities Market Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading
Act, and was released at 18:30 CET on 24 May 2016.