Semcasting Announces Support for Advanced Online Healthcare Marketing Services

Enables Healthcare Marketers to Engage Consumers and Providers Based on Comprehensive HIPAA-Compliant Data

North Andover, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwired - May 25, 2016) - Semcasting (, the creators of the patented next generation data management platform (DMP) Smart Zones, today introduced a HIPAA-compliant health data suite, improving digital outreach coverage and precision for pharmaceutical companies, health service providers, and healthcare organizations who incorporate digital outreach into their marketing initiatives.

Semcasting's Healthcare Market Data Suite combines billions of healthcare service transactions with automated propensity models to score the U.S. population using data sourced from the CDC, Prescriber Data, Physicians & Group Practice data, Medical History Data & Drug Lists, and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's NDC system of classification. The Semcasting data scores consumers and maps more than 800,000 active providers and 255,000 hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and offices to services and patients. The top procedures, remedies, drug therapy classes, and over 1,000 prescription drugs and generics are mapped to distribution locations without the use of any personally identifiable information. When combined with the Semcasting patented online audience targeting system, Smart Zones, healthcare marketers can execute informed campaigns that reach the right audience at scale, on the devices they prefer.

"Healthcare marketing is a serious business," said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting. "Consumers want relevant information and access. Healthcare organizations need to reach the right constituents on whatever device they are on. We recognize that the business models of healthcare are changing, and with it, provider and pharmaceutical marketing is changing too. These new models pivot on leveraging enhanced data assets that improve segmentation and messaging precision. We want to provide a healthcare data toolbox, able to best communicate the right message to the best prospects."

Existing within its Smart Zone Technology, a patented proprietary solution for mapping offline consumers and business to online delivery points, Semcasting's health data suite provides healthcare marketers and advertisers with the tools to convert prospective consumers into engaged audiences at the scale and coverage necessary to meet ROI requirements:

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing - Match procedures and therapeutics to summary consumer health profiles based on prescription and diagnosis propensities. Target medical professionals based on specialty or medical office trade area location.
  • Logistical Support - Determine the proper placement of healthcare specialists, medical equipment, medical specialty products, and hospital services by measuring geographic clinical diagnosis propensities.
  • Clinical Trial Planning and Support - Match consumer distributions to clinical trial requirements based on summary demographics and medical propensity factors.
  • Health Insurance Enrollment Support - Determine coverage needs of consumers in different locations and supply them with risk-adjusted policy options based on HIPAA compliant affluence, lifestyle and other summarized public household data.

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Semcasting is the next generation in Data Management Platforms providing actionable intelligence for marketing services, CRM enhancement, and manufacturing logistics on any Internet-enabled device. Our Semcasting Smart Zones™ platform maps the demographic attributes of real consumers and businesses to their online Internet delivery points in order to automate the creation of highly qualified and verified audiences. We match customers, prospects and Internet traffic to the locations and devices they prefer, enabling analytics and advertising to be targeted with nearly 100 percent reach and unrivaled accuracy. Semcasting is headquartered in North Andover, MA.

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