EnergyCAP Introduces Report Designer, Moves More Functions Online

Custom Reporting Adds Value for Energy Accounting

State College, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., May 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EnergyCAP is releasing a new custom reporting tool in conjunction with a pair of software upgrades that are moving important utility bill management features to their online platform.

The reporting tool, called Report Designer, is an Excel® Add-in that operates using APIs recently developed for an upcoming HTML software release. Report Designer adds a ribbon to the user's Microsoft ® Excel application, which can be enabled with an authenticated link to the user's energy database. This makes it possible to design custom Excel reports which can then be refreshed with current data from the EnergyCAP-hosted database. In addition to Excel reporting, Report Designer enables data sharing with other visualization and analysis tools such as Power BI® and Tableau®.

EnergyCAP 3.4.2, released earlier this month to self-hosted users of EnergyCAP Online, has a validation feature that will enable users to purchase the Report Designer option. The newest release has also brought much-requested A/P and G/L export functionality from the legacy client-server application to the EnergyCAP Online software product.

This bill export feature enables many EnergyCAP Enterprise Desktop users to move their EnergyCAP Accounts Payable integrations online for better performance and long-term support. Clients with an A/P or G/L interface created by EnergyCAP, Inc. in the last several years now have the potential to quickly move their processes online with minimal technical assistance from EnergyCAP.

The feature is made even more powerful with the addition of several new bill lists to streamline the bill payment workflow, which provides additional value for EnergyCAP clients relying on the software for utility bill auditing and analytics prior to payment through Accounts Payable.

Release of EnergyCAP 3.5.0, which will include comprehensive features for importing, summarizing, and displaying interval data, is planned for June.

About EnergyCAP, Inc.

For more than 30 years, the award-winning EnergyCAP software has helped 10,000 energy managers to track more than $25 billion in energy spending. EnergyCAP utility bill and energy management software helps users get value from their utility bills and meter data. Software features include bill entry (manual, spreadsheet import, and EDI), bill tracking, an optional AP/GL interface, customizable bill approval workflow, audits, rate schedules, interval and production data tracking, cost avoidance (M &V), issue tracking, submeter tracking, virtual meter formulas, re-billing, greenhouse gas tracking, 300+ reports, automated ENERGY STAR building data submittal, building benchmarking, and graphical PowerViews.

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