TedX Purdue Features Dr. Chuck Dietzen: Maverick Medicine

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of iSALUS Healthcare Tells About a Different Approach to Medicine

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwired - June 01, 2016) - iSALUS Healthcare is excited to announce the release of Dr. Chuck Dietzen's TedX Talk at Purdue University titled, "Maverick Medicine." Dr. Dietzen is Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of iSALUS Healthcare in addition to being Founder and President of Timmy Global Health. The TedX Talk can be viewed in its entirety here: Watch Maverick Medicine

"So I decided to tear up the box, perhaps I am a practitioner of maverick medicine, and I began to think inside the bag. I liked the traditional look of the old bag. I'm the only doctor, actually, who carries one at my hospital. I got on the elevator one day and a lady said, 'Can I see what you have in there?' She goes, 'You don't know how comforting it is to us to see that some of you still carry these bags.' I said, 'Sure! I have a whoopee cushion. I have a pro wrestling mask. I have some magic tricks.'"

- Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Maverick Medicine

Growing up in Kokomo, Indiana, 150 foster children came through his family's home. It then became apparent to his mother that he had a special gift with children and she encouraged him to become a pediatrician. Dr. Chuck's commitment to serve the medically underserved has led him to work in the Soviet Union, Haiti, and India, even working alongside Mother Teresa, He returned to the US with a vision to found Timmy Global Health and encourage future medical professionals to also be future humanitarians.

"I saw this 12 year old boy. He's totally paralyzed. He's lying in the bed. The only thing moving are his eyes. And he looks scared. Now, there was a young volunteer there. A Susie. I apologize to you, Susie, because I didn't have time to prepare you for this, but Susie was volunteering that day to try to play some games with him but he's pretty anxious. I walk in, I take a look at him, and I said, 'I know what we need to do.' I pull out the whoopee cushion, put a little bit of air in it [squeezes the whoopee cushion]. I said, 'Susie!' She turned bright red. That same little guy who was lying there paralyzed -- suddenly he's lying there belly laughing and suddenly he's the life of the party, not just the center of attention."

- Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Maverick Medicine

iSALUS Healthcare is headquartered in Indianapolis and provides industry-leading Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management and Medical Billing solutions to thousands of physicians, hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide. ISALUS was started in 2000 with the purpose of offering a solution to physicians who want to return to the mission of healthcare instead of the business of healthcare. That's why we've made it our mission to help physicians increase their efficiency through technology so they can spend more time focusing on patient care while continuing to grow their practice and maximize profitability. For more information, visit isalushealthcare.com.

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iSALUS Healthcare's CMO, Dr. Chuck Dietzen, gives TedX Talk at Purdue University titled "Maverick Medicine."