Finally, a New Standing Height Table Design That Makes Social Connections Easier Than Ever Before

Krivens Partners’ Propeller Table Wins Best in Show, BKLYN DESIGNS 2016

Berkeley, California, UNITED STATES

BROOKLYN, N.Y., June 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When Daniel Krivens, furniture designer and co-founder of Krivens Partners, transformed reclaimed New York City skyline water tanks into occupiable furniture, he knew that the obvious choice for its debut was BKLYN DESIGNS, the juried exhibition showcasing the best in Brooklyn design and manufacturing.  The JukoTemple was incredibly well received, as was Krivens’ Propeller Table, honored with IFDA Selects Best in Show Award for Furniture.

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With a degree in architecture and strong tenant improvement portfolio, Krivens prioritizes the benefits of human connectivity.  Fusing his urgency for engagement, passion for adaptive reuse and desire for a strong sense of place, Krivens creates beautiful and functional furniture made from infrastructure with historic equity, sourced from the Golden Gate Bridge, SF-Oakland Bay Bridge, obsolete fire hydrants and NYC water tanks.

The Propeller Table, IFDA Selects ‘Best in Show’, is a table designed to foster easier connections between people. As a standing height table, it takes advantage of the serendipity that can occur when people touch-down for a brief pause. Conventional table's central area can create an unwanted distance. Take out the unnecessary, and you have a table that brings people together. Its patent pending design works because each leaf of the table acts like its own "bubble" of territory, easy to 'own' by yourself or with 2 or 3 friends. Confluence of leaves at central axis allows parties to intermingle at will. Compact and dense, the close proximity between people makes it easier to see and hear one another, allowing a large group to form one conversation if desired. Materiality also plays a role the table's success. Buried for 80 years, old-growth Douglas Fir pilings from the bay mud beneath San Francisco's old Transbay Terminal function as the tabletop petals.

“The beauty and antiquity of the slender pilings needed to be unveiled,” says Daniel Krivens.  “Two simple, diagonal thru-cuts divulge the wood’s complete growth history with delicate, elongated rings in shades of grey resulting from the initial phases of petrification.”

Richard Segal, 2016 IFDA Selects judge and President Elect of IFDA NY, agrees.  “The Propeller Table is a well-thought-out, intelligent design,” says Segal.  “It’s not funky for funky’s sake.  It is edgy but also practical and beautiful…useful in any type of hospitality design. The fact that the table is environmentally sound makes it that much better.”

As Segal suggests, the Propeller Table is ideally suited for the hospitality market and could become a new industry standard.  “It’s the first table of its kind that makes it easy for everyone in a large group of up to nine people to mingle easily,” continues Krivens.  “We believe that the Propeller Table will be the future of compact, standing-height tables.”

About Krivens Partners
Krivens Partners is an award-winning design firm committed to creating furniture that fosters human connections and celebrates the beauty, history and locality of reclaimed materials.  The Sausalito Art Festival honored Krivens with its 2015 First Place Award for Functional Sculpture.  For additional information, visit

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