Vantage LED Gives Lifetime Cloudware With Advanced Doodle to All Their SM Infinity(TM) Users

Following their impressive showing at the ISA Sign Expo and recent media covering their ESOP announcement, LED display manufacturer Vantage LED raised the bar again by providing free account upgrades to all their SM Infinity users.

ONTARIO, CA--(Marketwired - June 15, 2016) - SM Infinity users who operate displays provided by Vantage LED and their partners were greeted with a surprise announcement today. They were informed via email that their account was automatically upgraded, effective immediately, to include additional professional grade animation effects designed specifically for digital signage.

The upgrade applies to the Doodle Editor feature where users can create their own content within the cloud-based software. Doodle has become a staple feature for SM Infinity, offering an easy to use interface, while still providing a powerful editor that features animations, RSS feeds, weather objects, images, videos and multi-colored text and backgrounds. They now have close to triple the animated effects available when compared to other software in the industry, all designed specifically for digital signage and increasing viewership.

"We enjoyed working with Vantage LED on this upgrade," stated Scott Hofheins, Director of SM Infinity Special Ops in Austin, TX. "For those not using our content creation service, it provides a way to maintain a high standard of content quality with our Doodle Editor, in addition to the other great features in SM Infinity."

Vantage LED, a major LED sign manufacturer, has helped launch many SM Infinity projects since the beginning. CEO, Chris Ma, expressed his excitement about the announcement today saying that he is a true believer in exceeding expectations and listening to customers.

"We get feedback from our dealers and partners every day," he said. "The key is to act on it, and make sure we are responsive to their needs and go above and beyond the expectations of the industry." Vantage LED provides lifetime cloud-based solutions for all their displays through SM Infinity.

At the annual ISA Sign Expo in Orlando, FL, they unveiled their "We Got Your Back" campaign, announcing a seven year parts, seven year on-site service warranty standard, plus a full year of the SM Infinity professional content creation service included. If that wasn't enough, shortly after the show, CEO Chris Ma announced that Vantage LED would be converting to an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program), with employees initially owning 5% of the company, moving to 100% ownership after 5 years.

"We love providing solutions for people," Ma explained, "and bringing innovation to our industry. We love it when people say, 'Are you really doing this?' and we get to say, 'Yes, we are!'"

The email to all the SM Infinity users closed explaining the end goal is to make sure "your message to the world looks spectacular" and reminded customers to "Enjoy the upgrade and remember to stay awesome!"

"We hope everyone takes that to heart," said Ma. "Stay awesome, make great content, and share it with the world. We got your back!"

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