Customer Portfolios Asks Retailers: "How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?"

Calculator for Estimating Lifecycle Revenue Unveiled

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - June 16, 2016) - Customer Portfolios ('CP') today announced that it has launched a unique online calculator that will illustrate to retailers the Incremental Revenue potential from a 1-point increase in one-time buyer conversion. Retailers who use the calculator to reveal the lift potential will also have the opportunity to connect with the CP team of analytical and marketing experts to discuss how to unlock this value through their own customer data.

Customer Portfolios developed the calculator to demonstrate the growth opportunity retailers can achieve when they leverage their customer and business data as a strategic asset. By entering an average order value and annual revenue into the calculator, retailers will be able to see the impact that converting 1% of their one-time buyers would have on incremental revenue. Increasing customer conversion is achieved through strategic lifecycle marketing that is focused on driving short-term behaviors, which generate the highest long-term value.

 Enter Average Order Amount  $150
 Enter Annual Revenue:  $200,000,000
Calculator calculates the impact of 1% Repeat Lift and delivers the result:
 Impact of 1% Repeat Lift:  $2,140,941

Unlock value Through Powerful Analytics

Portfolio Pathing is an in-depth analysis of customer and purchase data that provides actionable insight on customer trends and behaviors. By uncovering distinct customer behaviors and purchase trends, retailers can leverage this information to deliver highly targeted communications throughout the lifecycle to generate modest increases in customer conversion, which in turn delivers Incremental Revenue.

"We understand the retail business and know the challenges that exist within it. Portfolio Pathing reveals to retailers the composition of their customer database and the opportunities they have for growth. Most retailers are plagued by unhealthy databases, comprised of 75% one-time buyers. This is a large opportunity to increase revenue by growing the number of repeat customers through highly targeted marketing," said Paul Welsh, Director of Analytics at Customer Portfolios.

Welsh continued, "A Portfolio Pathing analysis provides a framework for retailers who want to leverage their data to define unique segments of their customer base and identify recommendations on how to target them with strategic communications that drive increased customer value and significant ROI. We regularly see clients experience a 3, 5 and 7 point increases to their conversion rates by leveraging customer lifecycle marketing driven by Portfolio Pathing insights."

To use the CP Lifecycle Revenue Calculator and to learn more about how retailers such as Johnston & Murphy have successfully leveraged Portfolio Pathing to increase revenue and customer lifetime value, visit

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Customer Portfolios is focused on lifecycle marketing aimed at increasing customer value and generating revenue for its global retail clients. The Customer Portfolios Integrated Marketing Platform combines analysis, strategy, data and a team of expert marketing analysts to deliver actionable insight and campaigns that drive brand revenue, customer engagement and customer loyalty. Marketers from companies such as Johnston & Murphy, Journeys, HarborOne, Subway, Teleflora, Frye, Tourneau, and Zipcar consistently demonstrate revenue growth and increased customer lifetime value. Based in Boston, MA, Customer Portfolios, LLC is a privately held company. For more information, visit Customer Portfolios online at

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