TeamBackPack To Be Honored By Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum And Partner On ‘Music Compilation Album’ With ‘Mission Underground NY Events MC Finalists’ June 16-18

The HHHOF & TBP ‘Museum Benefit Compilation Album’ Drops this Fall’16 will feature top 20 finalists from MUNY with Hip Hop Legends to also Assist TBP/HHHHOF Global Philanthropic Outreach Programs like Water Development in India, Africa, & Developing Countries with Partner Organizations.

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NEW YORK, June 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum will Honor the Hip Hop purists TeamBackPack at the upcoming Mission Underground NY (MUNY) Hip Hop Festival on Saturday June 18th. The HHHOF Museum is a Chartered non-profit 501 (c)3 Museum and Educational Institution whose mission is to Preserve, Archive, Exhibit, Educate, and Showcase Hip Hop Music & Culture from around the world. "In keeping with our global mission the HHHOF will present its ‘Community & Culture Service’ award to TBP for its commitment to artists and hip hop music & culture’s artistic freedom, expression, and philanthropy," stated HHHOF Museum Founder and Chairman JT Thompson.

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TeamBackPack is a hip hop music & culture movement, and online entertainment hub for the global underground and independent hip-hop music artists founded by Dev Tejwani, Armani Cooper & Nelson Silva. TBP mission is to be the truest platform to showcase talented artists across all spectrums of hip-hop culture globally. TBP Mission Underground [MU] is an annual festival series that represents the changing tides in music, art and culture. "MU showcases the best hip-hop artists of every era, effectively producing engaging live shows while utilizing new online, video and VR technologies to bring the experience to millions more around the world," stated Dev Tejwani.  On June 16th to 18th, thousands will ascend upon New York City to be a part of the Mission Underground positive hip hop culture experience.  Scheduled to appear and participate include the legendary Kid Capri, Twista, Cassidy, CYHY The Prynce, Consequence, Fred the Godson, DJ Scratch, Locksmith, Wax, Jeff Turner, illmaculate, Loaf Muzik, EMoney, Passionate MC, and many more artists and special guest appearances. The events is also available via live streaming.

TBP like the HHHOF believes hip-hop is the most important idea for this generation in influencing positivity, self-awareness, and change throughout the world. Together we will keep providing opportunities and experiences to the best emerging hip-hop artists in the world, while also sharing the historic educational and invaluable socio-economic importance of hip hop music & culture to their cities and communities worldwide.

In furtherance of that mission and our global community outreach to the talented young lyrists, poets, producers, creative artists, and entrepreneurs the HHHOF has also agreed to a historic multi-year partnership with TBP to provide more music and arts education, opportunities, and events for emerging and gifted artists in cities across America and around the World. This will include international events being scheduled for Amsterdam, Netherlands,  Johannesburg, South Africa, and Tokyo, Japan in 2017.

The first HHHOF & TBP project from this unique collaboration strategy is the upcoming 2016 Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum’s ‘Benefit Compilation Album’ that the top 20 finalists from this years Mission Underground NY (MUNY) will be invited to be on the album with various artists from around the world including Hip Hop Legends & Icons to be dropped later this year. The Artists will also get to perform at the upcoming Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show Week of Events this fall.

The HHHOF Museum has agreed to join forces with TBP on hip hop inspired philanthropic causes and endeavors around the world from education, building homes and businesses, agriculture, clothing, manufacturing, and by providing access to water in developing countries. Each year TBP and HHHOF will focus on raising awareness and funding for global issues through art and culture.  In 2016 TBP is dedicating our platforms to raise awareness and fundraise for the global water crisis. This year, we have partnered with and The Rockwell Foundation in an effort to raise at least $21K to build 3 water wells all around the world. Every single one of these wells will be dedicated on behalf of hip-hop, showing that collectively hip-hop can make a difference in the world.

The HHHOF and TBP partnership will continue to spread positive hip hop music & culture throughout the United States, and in countries around the world who want to experience real hip hop expression artistically in their native tongues and influence the expansion of the culture’s elements, and their communities’ sustainability. "This partnership represents the future of providing multi-media platforms with historical links to past and present hip hop music & culture while cultivating and developing new talent, creativity, voices, and new networks around the world," stated Kenny ‘DJ Lord Yoda X’ Syder, Co-Chair of HHHOF Artists Committee.

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