New science book warns: Foods and dietary supplements from China are contaminated with lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury

USDA and FDA have no limits on heavy metals contamination

TUCSON, Ariz., June 21, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new food science book is warning that many foods, superfoods and dietary supplements imported from China are contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead and mercury.

The warning comes from the lab science director of an internationally accredited science lab (CWC Labs) and author of a new book "Food Forensics" which details the heavy metals analysis of over 800 foods, spices, superfoods, pet treats and dietary supplements. Mike Adams, who conducted the groundbreaking research for the book, says that many dietary supplements imported from China are heavily contaminated with lead and other toxic elements.

"We tested a popular organic vegan protein powder and found it to contain alarming concentrations of mercury, lead and cadmium," Adams explains. His forensic food science lab ( is internationally accredited via ISO 17025. There, Adams and his team used ICP-MS instrumentation to analyze the elemental composition for hundreds of off-the-shelf products consumed by millions of people across North America.

"Heavy metals aren't listed on product labels," Adams explains. "They're invisible to consumers, and retailers don't test food before selling them." The result, warns Adams, is that food and supplement retailers are unwittingly selling contaminated, toxic products to consumers who often think they are purchasing natural or organic products.

"Food Forensics should be a 'wake up call' for health-conscious food and supplement consumers around the world," explains Adams. "We were absolutely shocked by some of the findings, such as the fact that so-called junk foods were actually very low in heavy metals, while many certified organic foods were alarmingly high."

Foods get contaminated with heavy metals when they are grown in soils that are polluted by industrial emissions. Factory emissions release toxic elements directly into the atmosphere, where they fall onto soils used to grow food crops. Many soils have also been heavily contaminated through the use of toxic pesticide chemicals such as lead arsenate, which contains both lead and arsenic.

Food Forensics launches on July 26th and is available for preorder now at and The website offers more details on the book, a video trailer and a downloadable chapter.


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