Cohesive Networks Customers Validate VNS3 4.0 Elevates AWS Security

5-Star Rated Application-Layer Network and Security Software Now Available

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Jul 6, 2016) - AWS EXECUTIVE SUMMIT -- Cohesive Networks, a cloud-native security and networking company, today announced the availability of VNS3 version 4.0 in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and all cloud environments. Cohesive Networks' innovative approach to application-focused security differentiates VNS3 as the first software-only virtual network appliance that offers end-to-end encrypted networking capabilities at the application layer. VNS3 4.0 includes a new, hardened underlying Operating System (OS), delivering deeper insight into network security, and elevating the level of application protection beyond what was previously available.

"We went from 90% on-premises to 99% in the cloud in about 30 - 45 days," said Chris Cata, Manager Network Operations at Foley Carrier Services. "Our cloud migration project almost didn't happen without Cohesive Networks. VNS3 helped us achieve the flexible, multi-site VPN connectivity we needed, while Amazon's built in VPN products did not."

Over 2,000 VNS3 users have shaped the direction of the product, from an encrypted IPsec VPN device to a more robust product family that offers network management, cross-cloud connectivity, and high availability. VNS3 customers have been successfully running cloud networks for over 1 billion hours of network virtualized security.

"Years of experience in enterprise networking and security have taught us to look further into the future, beyond predictions or fears," said Patrick Kerpan, CEO of Cohesive Networks. "5-star sentiment in the AWS Marketplace validates that VNS3 offers the end-to-end control cloud users need to flexibly connect and secure their applications."

VNS3 4.0 Update Includes:

  • Enhanced VPN monitor for both cloud overlay and underlay networks
  • Pioneering LAN optimization for increased performance for hybrid cloud networks
  • Ability to enable/disable individual IPsec tunnel connection policies
  • Improved Network Security Container plugin system with latest Docker technologies
  • Strengthened security to include 2040 bit keys
  • Optimized source of entropy for cryptographic operations
  • Support for users to upload custom SSL certificates for secure UI and API connections
  • Upgraded interaction with VNS3:ms and VNS3:ha add-ons
  • Restructured certificate revocation management process for Overlay Network credentials
  • Redesigned clientpack and IPsec connection management
  • Advanced next hop support for attached interfaces

With VNS3 4.0 customers can build secure overlay networks on top of AWS cloud networks to enable network capabilities such as transitive routing, multicast protocols, as well as networking functions including reverse proxy network intrusion detection (NIDS) and load balancing.

VNS3 is available in over 20 public, private, and hybrid clouds. Cloud and virtual environments that feature VNS3 products include: Amazon EC2 and VPC, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink Cloud, VMware vCloud, IBM Softlayer, Google Compute Platform, ElasticHosts, and Rackspace.

VNS3 4.0 will soon be available in the AWS Marketplace, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and ElasticHosts. Contact Cohesive Networks to get started:

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About the VNS3 Product Family:
VNS3 products help enterprises secure and connect their critical applications deployed to the cloud. VNS3 secures and connects applications above hypervisors, infrastructure, or data centers control. All Cohesive Networks products are software-only virtual appliances, available for most public, private, and hybrid clouds.

VNS3 has recently won the 2016 Network Computing Awards Network Project of the Year - Private Sector Award, the 2015 Cloud Innovation World Cup for Industry 4.0, a finalist in the Cyber Security Awards for Best Security Company of 2015, listed in the CIO Review's Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies of 2015, won the 2014 EuroCloud Awards for Best Offering IaaS/PaaS, and won the 2014 Cloud World Series Best Security Solution Award.

About Cohesive Networks:
Cohesive Networks provides cloud-class security and networking software for enterprises. Over 2,100 customers use VNS3 virtual appliances to secure products and services at the application layer. With VNS3, enterprises can extend networks into public, private and hybrid clouds to provide security, connectivity, and integration.

Cohesive is a member of the Amazon Partner Network, an Amazon Marketplace Seller, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Microsoft Azure certified, a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner, a CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider, certified HPE Helion Ready, and an IBM Business Partner. To find out more, visit

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