ODCA Expands Cloud Maturity Model with New Usage Model and Planning Tools

Comprehensive resources help companies develop and execute roadmap towards hybrid IT environment aligned with specific business outcomes


PORTLAND, Ore., July 8, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) today announced the continued expansion of tools and resources as part of its Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) content library. Companies can download recently published Usage Model and CMM Analysis Questionnaire in addition to the Executive Overview at the ODCA website.

The CMM helps to establish a methodical and efficient journey to the cloud, aligned with business objectives. It also shows how the enterprise can increase its organizational ability to adopt cloud-based services within defined objectives, governance, and control parameters.

The CMM is also useful for both enterprise IT and solution providers to prepare their requirements and their service offerings in a structured, sustainable way. Using the CMM, an organization can eliminate the risk associated with the approach of moving to the cloud and just hoping for the best, instead developing a roadmap that enables truly successful cloud adoption.

An organization should reap benefits when technology and business strategies align to reach its optimal cloud maturity level. These benefits should be built upon a federated, interoperable, and open cloud environment that enables the expected business value that cloud services represent to that enterprise. Capability gains, efficiency gains, quality gains, and velocity gains ultimately result in powerful business strategy enablement.

"The Cloud Maturity Model provides a framework and methodology for enterprises to identify current maturity with regard to adoption of cloud services," said George Goodman, executive director of the Open Data Center Alliance. "With comprehensive usage models and assessment tools, IT organizations can create an actionable roadmap towards a hybrid IT environment that aligns people, process and technology with specific technology and business outcomes."

Get the Complete CMM Content Package
Visit the ODCA Store to access:

  • Open Data Center Alliance Executive Overview: Cloud Maturity Model rev 3.0
  • Open Data Center Alliance Usage Model: Cloud Maturity Model rev 3.0
  • Cloud Maturity Model Analysis Questionnaire

The ODCA will refresh the Analysis Questionnaire periodically to reflect new experiences from the Work Group members that contribute to the CMM, among other content.

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"Open Data Center Alliance Usage Model: Cloud Maturity Model rev 3.0" Table of Contents

  • Overview of the Cloud Maturity Model
  • Description of the Cloud Maturity Model
  • Cloud Maturity Model Domains
  • Overview of the Cloud Maturity Model Assessment Process
  • Step 1—Identify Business Goals
  • Step 2—Define Use Cases for CMM
  • Step 2.1—Define Services to be Delivered (Optional)
  • Step 3—Conduct CMM Assessment
  • Building a Road Map to Hybrid IT Enablement from a CMM Assessment
  • Include Barrier Elimination Projects to Progress
  • Maturity and Quality
  • Self-Assessment Example
  • Conclusion

Cloud Maturity Model Analysis Questionnaire Table of Contents

The ODCA offers Excel-based analysis materials that are introduced in the CMM Usage Model. These materials address domains and their associated outcomes in greater detail.

  • Customer Information
  • Process for Using CMM
  • Domain Descriptions
  • Use Cases
  • Services Required
  • Common Barriers
  • People, Process & Technology Improvements in the following areas
  • Finance
  • Enterprise Strategy
  • Structure
  • Culture
  • Skills
  • Compliance
  • Governance & Control

About The Open Data Center Alliance

The Open Data Center AllianceSM is an independent consortium of global IT members who are providing a unified customer-driven vision for long-term data center and cloud computing requirements.

ODCA brings together global Enterprise IT and Solution Providers to identify enterprise IT requirements for cloud adoption, develop usage models to help organizations quickly integrate cloud services and share experiences.

More information about ODCA publications and membership can be found at the organization's website.


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