Plano-based Non-profit Serving Adults with Cognitive Disabilities Sets Sights on the Future

My Possibilities Fills Educational Void; Introduces New Branding Campaign

PLANO, Texas, July 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to recent census figures, more than 230,000 individuals over the age of 5 reside in the DFW Metropolitan Area and have a cognitive disability. Representing a population that is roughly the size of the entire city of Plano, the educational opportunities available to adults with special needs is sadly lacking once these individuals phase out of the public education system.

My Possibilities (MP) seeks to fill this void by providing quality educational programs that challenge the status quo within the industry. Individuals in the program, lovingly referred to as HIPsters (Hugely Important People), are given opportunities to advance their development in independent living, pre-vocational and vocational skills, health and wellness, community involvement, creative expression, and self-advocacy. These programs go significantly above and beyond anything that other programs offer within the state of Texas.

Starting with twelve HIPsters just eight years ago, today My Possibilities proudly serves nearly 400 HIPsters each week. With so many people in need of these services, the demand is high, and despite their growth, MP is only able to scratch the surface in providing advanced educational opportunities for adults with special needs in North Texas. In the near future, My Possibilities plans to increase the number of individuals served and to set the bar even higher by establishing a program that could well become the new norm for continuing education throughout the special needs community.

In anticipation of the organization’s new educational goals, My Possibilities is re-branding to better define the direction in which they are heading. The original logo was derived from a famous Christian parable that shows a sprout growing from a mustard seed. The parable teaches that even a little faith – as small as a tiny mustard seed – can grow in power so strong that nothing is impossible, including the ability to move mountains.

While the old logo demonstrated growth from the mustard seed, My Possibilities’ new logo reflects the second part of the parable indicating the ability to move mountains.

As an organization, MP intends to move mountains – obstacles – that stand in the way for adults with special needs. Continuing educational programs give adults with special needs the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential – chances they might not have without ongoing education. The new logo reflects the future and the goals My Possibilities has for their HIPsters and the growing organization.

About My Possibilities:
My Possibilities is a Plano, Texas-based non-profit, charity - 501(c)(3), for adults with cognitive disabilities (Autism, Down Syndrome, Asperger’s, Prader-Willi, Traumatic Brain Injuries, etc.). Started in June 2008, this organization is the FIRST full-day, full-year program in Collin County for Texans who have "aged out" of secondary education. My Possibilities helps special needs adults build independence and vocational skills in a safe and nurturing environment.  To learn more, please go to


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