Zignal Labs Command Centers to be Featured at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Media intelligence leader to analyze the full spectrum of media coverage and social conversations, through daily reports, events and presence at convention media filing centers

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

CLEVELAND and PHILADELPHIA, July 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zignal Labs, the leader in realtime cross-media analytics, today announced that it will participate in both the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH on July 18-21 as well as the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA on July 25-28. Zignal Labs will showcase the power of its realtime cross-media platform through the Zignal Command Center, which will be located at events and venues throughout each convention. Zignal Labs will also issue daily reports of audience reaction to the proceedings in analytics and emojis.  

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions represent two of the most popular and widely reported political news events in the world. During both conventions, hundreds of television networks, online and print publications, media outlets and bloggers will generate round-the-clock coverage on the nominees, their party platforms and the November election. Concurrently, the news coverage will result in a torrent of social media activity. Zignal Labs will synthesize coverage and social activity, analyzing millions of data points across the full media spectrum to better understand the core topics, trends and sentiment associated with each nominee.

“If the dynamic primary process is any indicator of what to expect at both conventions, then the next few weeks won’t disappoint,” said Josh Ginsberg CEO of Zignal Labs. “At both conventions, Zignal Labs’ on-the-ground presence will cut through the noise to better understand how the nominees and their party platforms are resonating with voters.”

Zignal Labs at the GOP and Democratic Conventions
The media is invited to engage with Zignal Labs at both the Republican and Democratic Conventions during the weeks of July 18-21 and July 25-28:

  • Media Center: During this week’s Republican Convention, the Zignal Command Center will be available at the Media Filing Center in the Huntington Convention Center. The Zignal Command Center will visually communicate – in realtime– the news, topics and sentiments that are being generated from the convention floor.
  • GOP Welcome Party: At the Republican National Convention, Zignal Labs is a sponsor of the official Media Welcome Party and will showcase its Zignal Command Center. This event will be hosted at the Jacobs Pavilion on Saturday, July 16 at 7pm.
  • Democratic National Convention: At the Democratic National Convention during the week of July 25-28, Zignal Labs will showcase its Zignal Command Center at two media venues within the main convention center hall.
  • Daily Synopsis Reports: Issued each day at both the GOP and Democratic Conventions, the Daily Synopsis Reports with Zignal’s best-in-class visualizations will summarize the media activity, core topics and sentiment. To subscribe, please sign up at: http://zignallabs.com/daily-convention-report/
  • Facebook Live Broadcasts: Zignal plans live broadcasts from the conventions. “Like” the Zignal Labs page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/zignallabs/ to be notified of live broadcasts.

  • Follow @zignallabs on Twitter and Instagram: Throughout the conventions, Zignal Labs will be sharing photos and its 140-character insights and analysis.
  • Post-Convention Summary: Finally, Zignal Labs will publish a post-convention summary report of both the GOP and Democratic conventions. To subscribe, please visit: http://zign.al/conventions  

About Zignal Labs
Founded in 2011, Zignal Labs gives public relations, communication and digital strategy professionals the power to observe and analyze trends, issues and influence across the FULL media spectrum, not just social media. With split-second insights from 150 countries in more than 50 different languages, Zignal Labs customers are able to stay ahead of what the world thinks and immediately make accurate business decisions.  Headquartered in San Francisco with offices throughout the country, the company serves customers around the world in a variety of industries and marketplaces. To learn more, visit: zignallabs.com.


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