To Win with Hispanics, There’s No One Size Fits All Approach, Horowitz Study Finds

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y., July 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With over 55 million Latinos living in the U.S., the Hispanic audience is a highly sought-after market. U.S. Hispanics, though, are a diverse group. While Hispanics of Mexican origin represent about two-thirds of U.S. Latinos, the attitudes and behaviors of Mexican Latinos are not necessarily representative of the Hispanic market as a whole. The latest findings from Horowitz Research’s FOCUS Latino reveal key differences in media consumption habits among different segments of Latinos. For example, the study finds that non-Mexican Latinos and Mexican Latinos are equally likely to have multichannel service (89% and 87%, respectively), but non-Mexican Latinos are more likely than Mexican Latinos to say they are “really into TV” (53% vs. 45% of Mexican Latinos).

“The assumption is often that Hispanics are a monolithic market. The reality is that the Hispanic market is highly diverse, with many distinct demographic and psychographic segments,” says Adriana Waterston, Horowitz’s svp of insight and strategy.

In line with being more into TV, non-Mexican Latinos are more likely to pay for additional content as part of their video experience: 51% of non-Mexican Latinos subscribe to premium networks, compared to 41% of Mexican Latinos. 70% of non-Mexican Latinos subscribe to an over-the-top video service (e.g., Netflix or Hulu), compared to 59% of Mexican Latinos. Non-Mexican Latinos are also more likely to subscribe to a separate package of Spanish-language channels (29% vs. 24% of Mexican Latinos) (view chart).

When it comes to viewing habits, Mexican Latinos are more likely to watch live, linear content, spending 51% of their viewing time with live TV compared to 44% among non-Mexicans. Conversely, non-Mexican Latinos spend 39% of their weekly viewing time streaming, compared to 34% among Mexican Latinos (view chart).

“Traditional and new media companies and their advertisers understand the value of the Hispanic market,” says Waterston. “But knowing how to drive success requires a nuanced understanding of this audience. There’s no one size fits all Hispanic strategy for programming, distribution, OTT, and advertising.”

FOCUS Latino is a syndicated consumer report about the media behaviors of U.S. Hispanics. Topic areas are analyzed by key segments, including age, acculturation, and country of origin, and include:

  • Pay TV subscription and over-the-top (OTT) video access/subscription
  • Video viewing behaviors, including genres watched, in-language and culturally-relevant viewing, and live vs. streamed viewing
  • Attitudes toward diversity in TV content
  • Likelihood to cord-cut/shave

FOCUS Latino was conducted by Horowitz Research in January/February 2016 among 876 Hispanic heads of household 18+ who are TV content viewers in urban (population 50,000+) markets.

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