DLH Marketing Group, Inc. Paves the Way for Future Expansions

BILLINGS, MT--(Marketwired - Aug 5, 2016) - Born and raised in Billings, Montana D'Vaughn Hayes, Director of Operations for DLH Marketing Group, continues to offer unparalleled career opportunities for entrepreneurs in Montana's largest city. After two years of continuous productivity, the DLH Marketing team has paved the way for future expansions throughout the country.

In 2015, D'Vaughn gained national recognition from his multi-million dollar clients and was offered the opportunity to speak at a regional conference in Seattle, Washington. At the conference, D'Vaughn spoke to over a thousand Brand Marketing Representatives about the success DLH Marketing Group has seen because of their proactive approach and progressive training program.

DLH Marketing Group, Inc. currently covers nearly three quarters of the state of Montana with branches in Kalispell, and Missoula, Montana. "Acquiring clients throughout the rest of the state of Montana and continuing our growth across state lines is our main priority this year," says D'Vaughn. Recently released projections put DLH Marketing spanning across 5 states by the end of the year.

The growth has already begun as D'Vaughn assists his associate, Alec Huertas in an expansion into Missoula, Montana. This expansion is expected to take place by the end of the month. D'Vaughn and his management staff suggest the next two expansions will solidify their grasp on the state of Montana.

Because of this recent expansion, the DLH Marketing Group, Inc. is seeking 7 new Brand Managers willing to work hand in hand with their national clients. "Continuing to strengthen the relationship with our clients in order to bridge the gap between our clients and their audience has always been a staple of our company. Now more than ever, we are seeking the next generation of the DLH Marketing team. Individuals bringing innovating new ideas to the company are the ones we are looking to build around," D'Vaughn says.

For more information about the career opportunities offered by DLH Marketing Group, Inc. visit, www.dlhmarketinggroupinc.com.

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