Leak Detection Is Going Hands-Free with the EagleEye(TM) Leak Detection Lamp Kit

WESTBURY, NY--(Marketwired - August 08, 2016) - A proactive maintenance protocol can reduce expensive equipment failures and the loss of production they cost. But finding little leaks before they turn into big problems is a time consuming, hands-on job. Not anymore. The Spectroline® EagleEye™ UV/White Light LED Leak Detection Lamp Kit (EK-365) is the hands-free solution to locating leaks in cramped or hard-to-reach areas larger lamps can't… because the EagleEye is wearable technology made simple.

This unique kit features a palm-sized (L 3.75 in. [9.5 cm.] x W 2.25 in. [5.7 cm.] x H 1.85 [4.7 cm.]), lightweight (8 oz./ 227 g.), cool-running, versatile lamp. It can be worn on a hard hat (not included), or directly on the head. It can also be hand-held with the attached lanyard. It has two ultra-high intensity UV LEDs for fluorescent leak detection-plus with just a flip of the switch-a three-LED white light assembly for illuminating dark work areas. With power comparable to high-intensity 100-watt lamps, the EagleEye runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 75 minutes of continuous inspection between charges. It features an inspection range of up to 12 feet (3.6 m.) and a 100,000-hour LED service life. Its built-in fan keeps the lamp cool.

The lamp works with all oil and water-based fluorescent dyes. It is especially effective with difficult-to-fluoresce yellow, white and blue dyes. It even works in dirty fluids. The best thing about using the EagleEye with Spectroline dyes (available separately) is that there is no need to waste time or money flushing them away. Because they are OEM conforming and can safely stay in the system…Spectroline dyes also are one of the most cost-effective methods for finding future leaks too.

In addition to the EagleEye lamp, the EK-365 kit includes:

  • an adjustable head strap
  • three splash guards with integral particulate filters
  • UV-absorbing spectacles
  • three rechargeable batteries
  • a charging cradle with AC and DC cord sets (AC charger is available in 120V, 230V, 240V or 100V)

Everything comes packed in a convenient and durable, padded carrying case for easy storage and retrieval.

For more information about Spectroline's proactive maintenance protocols and products, call toll-free 1-800-274-8888. Outside the U.S. and Canada, call us at 516-333-4840 or check us out Spectroline.com.

Headquartered in Westbury, New York, Spectronics Corporation invented fluorescent leak detection in 1955, and remains the world's leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent dyes. Spectroline® cutting-edge, top-quality, industry-awarded lamps, dyes, radiometers and diagnostic tools are built to exacting standards, and are used for literally dozens of markets, some of which include Industrial, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Laboratory, Semiconductor, Nondestructive Testing and Forensics. Spectronics Corporation is dedicated to upholding high standards in design manufacturing, ensuring customer satisfaction and developing innovative technologies that make the world a better place. Spectronics Innovating for Today + Imagining for Tomorrow

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