EZ-Ject AC/Fluid Leak Detection Kit Not Only Saves Money…It Helps Make Money

WESTBURY, NY--(Marketwired - August 09, 2016) - Running a shop isn't easy. Taxes, rent, insurance, labor, equipment…it all costs money. That' why shop owners and supervisors alike need tools that will not only help save money…but Tracerline's EZ-Ject™ UV AC/Fluid Leak Detection Kit (TP-8627) even helps make money.

Other bulky leak detection systems require a time consuming, drawn-out process. And after their smoke has cleared, they end up relying on UV lights and inferior fluorescent dyes to try and do what the EZ-Ject Kit does the first time-pinpoint the exact source of all auto leaks fast, easy, and at one-eighth the price. Just pour in the dye and shine the UV light.

The EZ-Ject Kit comes complete with:

-1 OPTI-Lite™ high-intensity, 6-LED blue light flashlight (TP-8620)

-1 Multi-Dose dye injector

-1 oz. bottle of Dye-Lite™ coolant dye

-1 Universal A/C Dye cartridge-that services up to 14 vehicles

-1 oz. bottle of Dye-Lite™ All-In-One™ dye

The Dye-Lite All-In-One dye is anything but light weight. It isolates leaks in all these systems: oil, fuel, ATF, power steering and hydraulics.

The A/C Dye has been lab tested and proven safe to use in all types of vehicles, including hybrids. A simple turn of the Multi-Dose dye injector handle adds an exact amount of dye into the A/C system where it can stay forever.

All Tracerline dyes can stay indefinitely without affecting system components or performance…so there is never any mess to clean up. Everything comes packed in a handy and durable carrying case for easy storage and use.

Because they can safely stay working in vehicle systems without the messy chore of flushing them out, Tracerline dyes are the most cost-effective method for finding future leaks too. When used together a part of a regularly scheduled customer maintenance plan-the kit and dyes pay for themselves in reduced labor costs and creating easy to service repeat business.

For more information, call toll-free 1-800-641-1133. Outside the U.S and Canada, call 516-333-1254. Or Check us out at Tracerline.com.

Headquartered in Westbury, New York, Tracer Products has been at the forefront of leak detection technology for over 60 years. Tracerline® fluorescent dyes are so effective they have been successfully installed in more than 205 million vehicles to date, and are OEM approved by Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Ford, GM and Volkswagen, among others. In addition to fluorescent dyes, the company offers a full line of rugged, top-quality, award-winning leak detection lamps, diagnostic tools and dye injection systems used in automobiles and heavy duty vehicles. Tracer Products is dedicated to upholding high standards in design manufacturing, ensuring customer satisfaction and in continuing to lead the world in leak detection solutions.

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