Avoid Summer Bummer Compressor Burnout with Acid-Buster

WESTBURY, NY--(Marketwired - August 09, 2016) - It's been a record-hot summer and compressors have been working overtime. Spectroline's Acid Buster Injection Kit Acid (AB-100CS) Acid Buster Injection Kit Acid (AB-100CS) is specifically designed to avoid costly and time-consuming burnout repairs when used as part of preventive maintenance planning.

Acid-Buster's specially formulated scavenging solution is compatible with all oils and refrigerants (mineral oil, POE, PVE oil and alkyl benzene). Its designed for use in CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. Acid-Buster is compatible with semi-hermetic, hermetic and scroll compressors. It doesn't contaminate the refrigerant or lubricant or leave behind a residue of corrosive salts.

Only ½ oz. of super-concentrated Acid-Buster is needed to treat one quart of system oil. That's because its twice as concentrated as competitive solutions. This helps preserve the integrity of the lubricant. Other products can damage lubricants because they require that the entire bottle of acid treatment be used...even when only a small portion is needed.

Unlike open-pour methods, with Acid-Buster, technicians can add the exact amount of solution -- without ever unsealing and contaminating the system. There's never any need for an oil pump. Simply attach the single-connect, reusable injector to the system's low-side service port and turn the handle. The injector is specifically engineered to easily overcome system pressure -- even high-pressure R-410a systems.

Acid-Buster's cartridges are calibrated to provide precise dosing. And since they are pre-filled, there's never any messy spills or wasted solution that needs to be cleaned up. The kit comes complete with:

-1 injector
-1 hose assembly with check valve and ¼ inch flare low-loss fitting
-2 AB-5CS 0.5 oz. (14.8 ml) cartridges -- ideal for servicing small to medium sized systems (refills available separately).

Don't wait for a heatwave breakdown to check systems. And don't rely on old fashioned maintenance procedures to treat acid build-up problems. Because they require performing frequent oil changes to dilute acids or force flushing the entire system to remove acids. But using Acid-Buster as part of a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program is easy, effective and eliminates these expensive and other time-consuming methods.

For more information, call toll-free 1-800-274-8888. Outside the U.S. and Canada, call 516-333-4840 or check us out at Spectroline.com.

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